Youtube Friends| Luke Hemmings

Youtube star, Brooklyn Hudson does youtube covers for her channel, MakeItPhotographs, see's an unknown commenter on her video and comments back what will happen?



13. (9)

Brooklyn POV

Today is school. We have had 4 weeks off and today we go back to the prison! But I'm really looking forward to seeing Ijanee my best friend. Me and Ijanee have been friends since 1st grade and still our.

Today I am wearing my favourite pink floral skater dress and my combat boots. Since it is school I don't really care who sees me so I just put on some concealer and bright red lipstick I take my Iphone 6s in rose gold off my dresser and drop it in my pink owl rucksack and then slip on my boots and head out my front door letting the cold winter breeze hit my face.

"This is going to be a good day!" I say aloud making everyone stop and stare.

"BROOKLYN! HEY OVER HERE BROOKLYN!" Someone yells behind me. I spin around on my heel to see who it is. Luke.

"Hey ..." He says kinda awkwardly


Sooooo sorry this is short I will update later

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