Youtube Friends| Luke Hemmings

Youtube star, Brooklyn Hudson does youtube covers for her channel, MakeItPhotographs, see's an unknown commenter on her video and comments back what will happen?



9. (7)

Brooklyn POV

I really want to ask Luke out but I don't know if it is too soon. Probably. Luke hasn't woke up yet, probably having a really good dream. My mum taught me how to cook when I was 13 so I decide to cook Luke bacon and eggs. Yes Luke slept over last night. He snores when he sleeps it's funny!!

"Morning love" a sleepy Luke mumbled.

"Morning Luke." He gives me a hug then runs into the living room to watch TV. When I am done cooking breakfast I run into the living room to give Luke his breakfast and hurry upstairs. I'm not going to bother having a shower today because I had one yesterday, so today I do my makeup (the usual), put my hair back into a high messy bun and get changed into my ocean blue belly top, white jeans ripped at the knee and my black converse. I then walk downstairs to Luke watching PPWER PUFF GIRLS! I take a picture of him laughing at one and post it on twitter the caption reads:

@brookywookytheawesome- this is @Luke5sos watching power puff girls in the morning, so girls who like him beware the power of the puff girls have gotten him!

Then I watch it him.


Thanks to the 2K reads on this story. Literally I woke up his morning faceTimed 👓kathemmings👓 and when I checked this morning I had 2K reads!!!! I almost screamed!!!


Bye my lovelies 💖💖

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