Youtube Friends| Luke Hemmings

Youtube star, Brooklyn Hudson does youtube covers for her channel, MakeItPhotographs, see's an unknown commenter on her video and comments back what will happen?



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Brooklyn POV

Because Luke is coming over I think it's best if I tidy up. So I put my art pencils and pens into my lilac box at the side off my bed, then I do the same with my books, makeup, clothes and anything on my floor really! After about 30 mins the door bell rings. I am home alone so I don't need to worry about parents. I answer the door to see Luke standing there in all his beauty.

"Hey. Come in Luke. Make your self at home!" I say cheerfully as I open the door wider so Luke can come in.

"You have a beautiful home brook." Luke says looking around the living room and kitchen.

"Thanks Luke!" I say. No one can bring me down I'm too happy now.

"You like all time low, green day and nirvana!" He says.

"Yes. Course I do!!!" I say in a 'duh I wore a nirvana top to our date' kind off voice.

"Can we ummm do a ummm cover on your channel brooky?" Luke asks. I say yes because he is an amazing singer!

"What song?" I ask.

"Ummmm .... This one!" He says pointing to Ariana grande's one last time.

"I LOVE THAT SONG!" I say screaming. I then lea him too my room where the camera is all set up. Okay my second video. With the one and only Luke Hemmings' who I met at Starbucks!

"Ready?" I ask Luke. He nods. I press record on the camera.

"Hello guys it's me again and today I am joined with the wonderful."

"Luke Hemmings!"

"Okay and we are going to cover ..."


We do the cover and finished the video. Then we go downstairs and cuddle and watch 'pitch perfect 2' moments into the video me and Luke fell asleep cuddling.


Thanks for all the 650 off you guys reading this I'm really happy to have all you reading my fan fiction it means so much. Once again thanks for reading.

Go read 👓kathemmings👓 fanfiction she is my best friend and she does amazing fan fictions just go read then and fan her!

Bye my lovelies 💖💖

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