Youtube Friends| Luke Hemmings

Youtube star, Brooklyn Hudson does youtube covers for her channel, MakeItPhotographs, see's an unknown commenter on her video and comments back what will happen?



5. (5)

Luke POV

I was walking home and all I could think about was Brooklyn. How she was stunning and still got abused by Calum. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing, It was Calum.

C=Calum M=Me

M:what the hell man?!?!?

C: I'm sorry, you have lost me

M: you abused Brooklyn Hudson

C: yes she was a flipping meanie

M: don't come near me cal.

With that I end the call. I can't believe him. I decide the best thing to do now is not go home. So I text brook and say wanna hang out she says yes at her house. I am going to brooks house


Sorry that was short I only just woken up. I will update again later today!

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