Youtube Friends| Luke Hemmings

Youtube star, Brooklyn Hudson does youtube covers for her channel, MakeItPhotographs, see's an unknown commenter on her video and comments back what will happen?



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Today is the day. The day I am going to meet the mysterious commenter on youtube. No words can describe my emotions right now. Last night I couldn't sleep, I kept thinking about him, about what will happen. I didn't concentrate during school. I am about to change into my clothes I am wearing. I have now changed and I look kind of okay. When I was just about to walk to Starbucks my dad stopped me.

"Where do you think you are going missy?!" My dad asked obvious anger in his eyes. My dad wasn't very nice. I was scared off him.

"I .... Ummm .... Imgoingtostarbuckswithlauren!" I says really fast.

"A little slower" he says again.

"I am going to starbucks with Lauren." I manage to say calmly.

"Okay have a nice time!" He says and hops in his car and leaves. I realise it is 4:55 and i am meant to meet him at 5 I run as fast as I can to get to Starbucks. When I get there I take a deep breath before walking inside...


I just want to say please don't do what brook is doing it is extremely dangerous. Please take my advice. I don't want any off you fans getting hurt!

Bye my lovelies 💖💖

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