Youtube Friends| Luke Hemmings

Youtube star, Brooklyn Hudson does youtube covers for her channel, MakeItPhotographs, see's an unknown commenter on her video and comments back what will happen?



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I woke up the next morning and I had 2 twitter notifications and 1 message on my phone. This is the twitter message:

@Luke5SOS- excuse me but how old are you and if you are over the age of 18 wanna meet up!?

When I saw that tweet my heart was racing I quickly think off an idea. I really want to meet him. I'm going to have too say yes I am meeting him. So I tweet him back:

@BrookyWookyTheAwesome- of course I would love to meet you Luke do u live in the USA or Australia?!?!

When he replys saying he lives in Australia. The same as me. I feel so happy and excited I quickly reply to his tweet saying, I would love to meet him. How is tommorow afternoon at the Starbucks in the town centre. He replys saying it's a date.

I am SUPPEEER excited I am FINALY going to find out who this Luke is. I hope he is cute because if he is cute I might ask him to be friends and give him my phone number and then we could get close and date ... OKAY maybe I am getting a bit over the top. Since the date is tommorow and I am at school, I might go straight after school. I am going to wear my black ripped skinny jeans, my belly top that says nirvana on it and my white converse. I will put my dirty blonde hair in a high pony tail and do my makeup really autumnal so pink lipstick, concealer, powder, nude eyeshadow and eyeliner. Since my date is tommorow I should shower. So I shower and use my favourite red apple body wash from the body shop in town. I can describe my emotions in 1 word right now:


Thanks for reading guys now a lot of you have been asking to update so here it is💙❤️💛💜

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