Little Red

Little Red is a nickname for a 19 year old girl named Cassie.
Cassie has a difficult life, more difficult than the normal teenage girl. But she's got used to this, she's able to ignore everything that is and has happened to her. You could say she sometimes switches her emotions off...but for Cassie she needs to.


1. Little Red

Cassie, 16 sat on her bed in her bedroom

‘Little Red’ is what he called me, with my red hair and my small-self

My life is VERY complicated; I live with my mother after my father left us, what a twat of a father right? Mind you, he never was great with his priorities like how he spent more time at work than at home looking after his daughter…I guess that ties in with the skank he left us for though – cliché right? The step mother is always the bitch! I wish I spent more time with my dad now but…I won’t see him again

UGH, anyway calm down Cassie…right so I live with my mother, I have an amazing friend called Amelia and a boyfriend called Jack.

You’re probably thinking that my boyfriend gave me the nickname ‘Little Red’ right wrong. I actually got it from his brother Harry. He and I may have had something at one point, but I swear it’s over. I’m not one of the slutty girls that you get at school. I honestly never meant for any of this to happen.

So I started going out with Jack for a joke because I was dared by my best friend, okay. I know it sounds cruel but he was a really nice guy and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings plus he made me feel myself again.

Our anniversary of two years is coming up tomorrow and I’m really not looking forward to it. Don’t get me wrong I love him it’s just that Harry is going to be in the house. Before I was with Harry over two years back I was this really confident girl who wouldn’t take any bull from anyone! It was great and I guess that’s why Harry liked me. I mean I played hard to get and I loved playing games just to torture him but I never wanted it to turn out like this

Cassie walked into the party with her friend Amelia

My best friend Amelia and I had just come to the party of the year, at the football captain’s house, and of course truth or dare was going on so obviously we joined in being the dare devils we are.

Anyway five minutes into the game my so called best friend thinking she was doing me a favour dared me to go and sit on Jack’s lap for the rest of the game. So then a guy fell into the pool and a guy from school was absolutely fuming and ended off running away and nearly tripping and falling into the fountain because someone had put there leg out. Everyone was laughing apart from me, oh great the one night I had lied to him and said I was staying in he had come to the same party as me…stood next to fountain grinning like a Cheshire cat was the man himself, Harry.

I mean I guess I should have seen it coming, I was sat on Jack’s lap with his arms around my waist and cuddling into him because I being like every other person at this party who had been here for an hour, was completely and utterly trashed. I knew then that I was going to be getting a beating once we were alone.

So this is how it went down, when Harry saw me his smile obviously went to a frown and then to pure rage and jealousy. Everyone knew what Harry was capable of but no-one really knew how bad it was; well apart from me. Our relationship wasn’t known well, we didn’t show affection in public because when I see couples all lovey dovey in front of me I just want to scream “Get out of my face!” Seriously you can ask Amelia; I threw my drink at the slut of the school Kirsten who looked like she was literally humping this guy’s leg for some reason in the lunch hall. I mean really, this is where people eat they don’t want to throw it back up and waste the curly fries, they’re lush; honest to god you should try some.

Anyhow, Harry saw me as if I was his possession so him trying to contain his anger, walked up to us and sat down so that he was opposite me and stared at Jack’s arms that were still wrapped around me for the whole game. The night continued on and then Amelia trying to carry her idea on dared Jack to kiss me. Well you should have seen Harry’s face his eyes bugged out and his hands balled up into fists and you could see his knuckles were white. Wanting to get it over with I leaned in and it turned from a peck to a long and quite a heavy make out session considering that people were watching. When Jack pulled away I saw Harry’s face and he looked like he was about to blow. That’s when I thought about how Jack would treat me right and not like how he did. I don’t want all that lovey dovey stuff but I would actually like to be called somebody’s girl, to have a boyfriend that doesn’t treat me like his punch bag, is that too much to ask for. My dad knew how to treat a lady when he was younger, he and my mam were so in love but not now though, he can’t. He isn’t able to do anything now, he isn’t able to apologise or even do the fatherly thing of walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Stood in the graveyard

So here I stand now, I miss you dad; every day. I will always love you and I swear to you I will change. I will change for the better, I won’t let him hurt me anymore, I’m stronger now.

Places flowers on the grave

I miss you dad…so much it hurts my heart, I love you. 

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