One event can change a lifetime

Based on a true story which happened to my self and family. However the real thing happened on the way to a swimming baths in Scarborough. Apart from that everything else is true.


2. Aftermath

A year to the day, I still don't quite understand why it happened. Finally, back on my feet and back to school from missing 6 months of vital education, which I needed. School, didn't even co-operate towards preparing me for these exams I have had to catch myself up. Everyone still asks questions, "who was at fault?", "are you OK?", "can do anything to ease the pain?". The recurring answer is "I don't want t talk about it!" 

So many appointment I have to attend just to get me on the road to recovery. From hospital to counselling, the list is never ending. So far I have attended two different counselling providers and completed my first section of intense physio, including of hydro-therapy and rehabilitation. Every day doesn't get easier especially if you live within my house hold. I swear we are all walking wounded 1 year on. We may have ditched the crouches but we still struggle with pain and relapses. I still haven't yet figured out why, on that day the car accident happened. But all I do know is that it changed my life. Still unsure whether it is for the best or not.

It's the start of my year 11 exam GCSE's, and to be honest i am differently not ready. Due to taking 6 months off to recover, and finally get back on my feet, to which no extra work was given to help me catch up. It is a  struggle because sitting still for longer than 40 minutes leaves me in agonizing pain. As you can probably tell I have topped up on pain relief just to get me through theses 5 weeks of exams. 


3 weeks down and 2 to go. 

I have my own special chair for these exams, which is comfy with a back support. Nobody really understands the discomfort, leading to them all laughing about me behind my back as I have to have special requirement within the exam. Rest-breaks and extra time, that's what everyone is jealous about. Do you know what I am not letting this get to me, and certainly building upon getting over this fear of cars.  Counselling is proving a difficult, due to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) programme I have follow. I don't disagree with the way it works, i just don't feel it works for me. Too many questions which make me feel I am the guilty one. 

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