One event can change a lifetime

Based on a true story which happened to my self and family. However the real thing happened on the way to a swimming baths in Scarborough. Apart from that everything else is true.


1. The Unexpected Event

They say things happen for a reason. That reason I yet have to discover. Discovering that thing is really stressing my out. 
I remember it like it was yesterday, a constant reminder from the pain and flash backs. The more I try to forget the more I end up thinking and reliving every second. Here I go again....
Excitement filled the atmosphere as I am my family clambered into the people carrier. Turning the radio up so we can sing to our favorite tunes my mam suddenly realized "I have left tickets" she shouts jumping back out of the car. My dad just starts to laugh he can't control his excitement about taking my cousin to his first theme park... Out of breathe running back to car "lets go" my mam exclaims. 
Leaving the caravan park, I ask do you mind if we stop off at McDonald's for a breakfast. "Sure, why not?" my farther excitedly replies.
Everything after this point all seemed to be very slow, but sharp and clear.
Pulling away out the McDonald's car park after we were so full from our breakfast. Singing away to the top 40 hits on the radio. While also arguing to my sister which is the best ride at flamingo land. Butterflies all off a sudden filled my stomach as if I was in the roller-coaster. 
Next I know my dad I shouting "WHAT THE F**K!"
"Ohh S**T" my mam exclaims.
Before its too late I feel the car jerk to the left while coming to a sudden stop. BANG! The airbags go off. Smoking filling the confined space of the car. We are jolted forward and then back. I scream "DADDY what's going on!!", I can't feeler on my waist downwards, thoughts rushing through my head, "am I paralyzed" and "will I ever walk again" and "is this a dream". 
Reaching for the seat belt buckle I release myself from seat. Struggling to get out, I fell as though the car is going to up in smoke. Free falling out the car I drag myself across the grass at the side of the road. Looking left. Looking right. I see cars come to a stand still. gagging for breathe or to sick . I clench the with fists on the grass...
I must have been out a good 5/10 mins. The pain was unbearable!
Lain in the recovery position crowds of people surround my family and I, holding anything the can to try and keep us dry. The rain had arrived. Struggling to breathe an oxygen mask is placed over my nose and mouth. Shivering with cold and adrenaline, I can't control myself. A woman comes to look after me. Holding my head she tells me "everything is going to be alright!" 
My sister starts screaming "don't leave me, I'm scared!" That gets to me, she's my little sister. Luke can't breathe Ashleigh says she's alright Charleigh's scared, I don't know what to do I can't move or breathe myself....
"1...2...3 lift" I'm first to leave the road side. Neck brace on. Flat on the board. The paramedic starts cutting away at my clothes. Trying her hardest to get a cannula into my arm. 5 attempts she can't do it.
10 mins later I arrive at the hospital. Doctors and nurses running this way and that. I'm scared. Feeling has started to come back to my leg, I'm feeling a little hopeful.
It was awful the worse day of life. I can sill smell every smell; taste every taste. I relive every moment of that accident every night in my sleep. Anxiety and fear has started to beat me.
I have just had my CT scan results saying they are all clear. "Can I go to the toilet please?" A nurse comes to my aid she helps me out of the bed and makes me walk to I take 10 steps and everything starts to go blurry. "I'm going to pass out!" A porter quickly comes with a chair while the doctor runs over "what are you doing out of bed? we had to re look at your scan and you have fractured your left hand side of the pelvis". I brake down. what does this mean? Different thoughts run round my head.
I spent one week in hospital my mam fractured her back and my dad broke all ribs down his right hand side and acquired a laceration to the head. I'm lucky to survive the 130 mph head on collision. Especially after I thought I had become paralyzed.

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