The warrior, the princess and the arranged marriage

Grace is one of the kings daughter, she is seventeen years old and is soon to be married off to a prince that her father agrees on. But what will happen when she meets these men and her heart speeds up for none of them. It does however speed up for the warrior Samuel whom she has been seeing for 4 years in secret and has known for years. What will she do, will she marry and pleas her father or will she stand up and fight for her love with Samuel. What will she decide to do?


1. The warrior, the princess and the arranged marriage

Today was like any other day, it started off with me and my sister Alice in the kitchen cooking breakfast; which was the women’s jobs throughout the village. My family was different from the other villages though. We are well respected because of how my dad, Joseph is the king.

I wasn’t looking forward to seeing my father today so when I woke up and found that he wasn’t downstairs yet I was happy. He and his wife, Charlotte were getting ready for the day to begin, while me and my sister chatted together. I wasn’t happy today to see my father because he was already starting to talk to me about taking the next step in my life, which was to get married to some random idiot that I’ve never met before who would probably be a pure jerk. That’s not my only reason though, there is another reason though but my father would flip if he knew…I was kind of already in love with someone else and I had been for a long time.

My sister, Alice was spending the day because her husband had gone out early with some men from the village. Henry, her husband seemed nice enough, they had been married for four years now, and she was close to my age when they married, only eighteen.

I was taken out of my thoughts when I heard my sisters annoying voice “What are you in thinking about again, must be concentrating a lot if you haven’t heard a word I have been saying?” she said while placing our food on the kitchen table, “Nothing” I lie to her and pour two glasses of orange juice. As soon as we sit down Charlotte comes bouncing down the stairs “Good morning,” she sings in that high pitch voice that I hate so much. Ok so maybe she is a good singer but I hate her, I mean sure she makes my dad happy but she will never replace my mother and it is so obvious that she is trying to, she took her crown and her husband what else does she want! “Thank you for breakfast girls” she says and scurries back upstairs with two plates full of food, “Stupid” I mumble under my breath earning a scowl from Alice, “She’s nice, I don’t get why you don’t get along with her” she says quietly still shaking her head slightly. “Whatever I’m going out, see you” I say standing up from the chair and throwing on my coat along with throwing my dishes in the sink and literally running out of the house. 

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