The warrior, the princess and the arranged marriage

Grace is one of the kings daughter, she is seventeen years old and is soon to be married off to a prince that her father agrees on. But what will happen when she meets these men and her heart speeds up for none of them. It does however speed up for the warrior Samuel whom she has been seeing for 4 years in secret and has known for years. What will she do, will she marry and pleas her father or will she stand up and fight for her love with Samuel. What will she decide to do?


2. The ride

Making my way over to the stables was easy at this time of the day; it was only 8:45 so people were just waking up or having breakfast with their families, talking about anything and everything, meaning that I don’t have to stop and chat with everyone so early in the morning. As you could have gathered I’m not a cheerful morning person like others.

When I arrived at the stables there were only a few people in there, most of them were standing with the horses, feeding them or saddling them up ready to go out for a morning round. “Hey Grace” my friend Eva yelled from somewhere behind me, and quietly jogged up to me and smiled “So you going to see Ella?” she asked. Eva was my best friend I’d known her since I was two and she was a year older than me so we practically grew up together.

Ella was my horse; I named her after my mother when she passed away. I have a close relationship with her and the reason of that is because I got her the same day of my mother’s passing, as stupid as it sounds she was there for me and I spent a lot of my time with her. In the back of my mind it makes me think they have some kind of connection, like Ella knew my mother before she passes when she was a foul.

“Yes, I was just going to do the morning routine with her” I always went out for a ride with Ella every morning and today was no different. Every morning I would groom her, wash her, plat her tail, sought out her hoofs and then go for a gallop around the many fields that were around the village. I spend a lot of time out in the morning so I wouldn’t usually get back until around lunch.

Not all my time out was spent riding, I would meet someone at a river which is around 20 minutes away from the village, and it’s a special place to me. His name is Samuel and he is the one that I’m in love with, I know how that may seem stupid since I’m only seventeen but I have known him since I was four years old and have been involved with him since I was fifteen. We shared our first kiss when I was fourteen but we both agreed to try and forget about it because we didn’t want to ruin our friendship that we had. It didn’t work, as you could have guessed, hence that we meet every morning and spend hours together because we can’t in the public, it’s just the two of us by our river.

Eva walked in the stable with me and helped me feed Ella quickly to get her ready for the morning out, “Well I gotta run, I’m meeting Robert” she said. Robert was Eva’s boyfriend, they were just starting out but they looked good together and I knew that Robert cared a lot for her and the same for Eva about him. “Ok well I’m going out with Ella so if my father asks you know what to tell him” I said while saddling her up and stroking along her nose like I knew she enjoyed.

Getting out of the village made me feel so much better, there was no pressure out here, no-one cared that you were royal and there was nobody to ask you if you needed anything which believe me gets annoying when it happens about 10 times a day. Ella seemed to enjoy the run as well she knew the route off by heart too; she loved it as much as me. When we both reached the river it looked stunning with the sun shining down on it making it shimmer. My eyes immediately zoomed in on Sam who was laid on the rocks with his arms behind his heads as he stared up at the sky. His horse, Billy was relaxing by the side of the river making noises which he did when he was happy. Out of the corner or my eye I saw Sam stand up and stride towards me with his long legs. Reaching the side of Ella he held his hand out for me “Hey beautiful” he said as he helped me down from the horse but never letting go of my hand. I leaned in and brushed my lips against his “Hey” I sighed being so happy to just be in his arms again.

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