its a story that people will say yh thats about me


1. my life

my life is fair from perfect most of u will think im ok but deep down im not i think about the bad things not the ggod i get bulled i dont know why i just do this all started when my dad past away last year im 13 now i think my whole world is just a big pile of mess did i mention im in care im not in care cause my famiy didnt like me im in care cause they couldnt look after me.


people always ask me why im in care i never tell them so they say to me its because they didnt love me my school try to understand whats its like to be me but one thing i know they will never know cause they have never got bulled they were never in care the thing is when i was little i could look after myself but now i dont know what to do sometimes i feel i just wanna end it all but then i think about my family and how sad they will be.

i do self harm but im starting to give up on it.


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