ψ(`∇´)ψ (I don't have a blurb so have this evil emoticon) (Some of them are not the best but I tried with the little information from the video)


1. 1/1


I stared at my reflection in the mirror.
"Do I really look like this?" I muttered to myself.  I looked as if the life had been drained from me, it looked as if I hadn't slept in days, which was true. I couldn't sleep, the darkest of thoughts creeping up on me when I was alone. I had made the decision, I tipped the pills into my hand, a few slipping through my fingers and into the sink of water. I downed the ones in my hand.
 I walked, I wasn't set on any destination, I just wanted to feel the sun on my face. A feeling of nirvana washed over me and I found myself falling to the ground. I didn't fight the sleepiness, instead welcomed it.


It took a second for my brain to register what was happening. I'd only nipped one on the shoulder but now I was being thrown backward into someone's garage door. I regained my footing and look at the two of them, dressed in black, it was too dark to make out their faces under their hoods. My stare was cold, empty. I stood my ground, blow after blow, I wasn't going to fight back, I couldn't care less.
One seized my neck in his large hand, pinning me against the garage door again. My lungs ached for air, I could just let myself die. I pushed his arm off with a cruel force. I took another blow, slamming again into the garage door, pain skyrocketing through my skull. I sunk to the ground, sitting there, stunned as they walked away.
I eventually gathered the will to push myself to my feet. I walked onto the road, only to hear a deafening honk as I turned my head, the headlights of a car bright in my face as my body froze with shock.


I let the fire fall to the ground. I looked up to the ceiling. I was really going through with this. The water was cold but I was oblivious to that fact. I'd spent the past hour arguing with myself if I was really going to go through with drowning myself in the bathtub, after so much struggling with my own thoughts I had decided on my answer, yes, I was going to go through with this plan. I ran my hand through my wet hair for what I guessed was the hundredth time. I sighed, lowering my hand back down, I tried to relax myself. I started sliding my head down the edge of the bath, slowly submerging my head. I wasn't holding my breath, I wanted it to be as short as possible. For a few seconds I didn't go to swallow any water, but I eventually gave in, my head ached from the lack of oxygen and my chest hurt. I fought to keep myself underwater. Eventually I felt myself being dragged off into the peaceful darkness that came with death.

Rap Monster

They threw the money at me, the people who I thought were my friends drove off in their van. They'd only had me refill the tank at the gas station, but apparently it was also a plan to abandon me. I stood, alone in the dark for a while, thinking of how I would get home. I didn't even know, I didn't even care. I just paced around in circles, muttering under my breath. The boy at the register was watching me carefully but I didn't pay much attention to him, the occasional car whizzed past but no one pulled in for gas. I realized that I should start making my way home or at leas to a motel for the night, I pulled my cigarette out of my mouth and dropped it atop the cash I'd left lying on the ground next to the gas pump. Before I realized what I had done the pump exploded, into a flaming ball of rage.


I finished dumping the gasoline all over the motel room, I couldn't stand the scent but I ignored it as best I could. I walked slowly to the middle of the room, my eyes drifting around. I knew that this was a stupid idea, in fact this was the most idiotic thing I had ever come up with. 'Standing in the middle of a hotel room while it does up in flames', wasn't on my bucket list until recently. It used to just be habit, fiddling with my lighter, now it was an obsession. A cruel, twisted obsession.  I pulled my lighter out of my back pocket, flicking the lid off of it and clicking the flame to life. I dropped the lighter and watched as the fire spread, catching. My eyes followed the flames as they climbed higher and higher, up the wall and over the furniture, the heat was unbearable as the fire eventually started to climb me. I screamed in agony as the fire ate me alive, searing into my flesh. All I could see was the fire before everything went black.


I heard the shouting, I cringed at the ferocity of it. I crept closer to the door, wrapping my hand around one of the empty beer bottles left on the table outside the door. The shouting was getting louder, my grip tightened around the bottle. I pushed to door opened with blunt force and charged at him, hitting him over the head with the bottle, causing it to smash and sending him staggering back, I hit him once, maybe twice, more before something in me snapped and I started stabbing him in the chest with the sharp broken ridges of the bottle, again, and again. The warm blood flowed down my hand. I eventually stopped, looking at what I had done, I started to shake. I had just killed a man, with a broke beer bottle of all things. I backed up against the wall, still shaking with terror, I was too petrified to make a sound as I stared down at his bloody corpse on the wooden floor. I wasn't human anymore, I was a monster.


I curled up into a ball on my bed at the pain of the realization that they were all picking themselves off. Hoseok, Jungkook, Jimin, Namjoon, Yoongi and Taehyung, all working towards their fates. I couldn't help them now, I just had to stay here and endure the pain whenever another one died. Taehyung wasn't dead yet, I knew that, but everyone else was dead. Every hope I had previously had, had be diminished. I'd never known what I'd do without them and now that they were gone I didn't know what to do with myself. I let out a long withdrawn sigh and rolled onto my back, staring up at the white ceiling. I didn't know how to carry on alone, of course I could find Taehyung, but it would crush him to know where the others where and what they did.

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