My name is Serenity Wells. It was Halloween when I was murdered. And I got stuck in Purgatory. That's where souls go to live between Heaven or Hell if they couldn't move on yet. Now isn't that just great? I was also put in a section called the supernatural because I was killed by a legendary murder who is actually immortal.


2. Chapter two

I woke up screaming.

I looked around to see I was in my bed.

" Was it all just a dream?" I asked myself.

I got out of bed to find myself in my Halloween dress stained in blood.

I ran to the bathroom to see no mark on my throat at all.

" Sean?!" I started calling out.

No answer.

I ran to his room to see he wasn't there.

" Sean!?" I started calling through the house," where are you!?"

I looked into the living room to find a woman in a business suit staring up at me.

" Hello," She gave me a sweet smile.

" Sean!?" I screamed wanting him to protect me.

" You should really stop doing that," She said," it's against the rules to contact the living."

She pulled out a cigarette and started smoking it.

" What do you mean by contacting the living?" I stared at her.

" What do you think I mean?" She rolled her eyes," you're dead Serenity Wells."

" You're... You're lying!" I yelled," where are you holding my brother?!"
" Your brother is on the other side Serenity," She explained," he's still alive."

" I'm not dead!" I cried.

" I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this," She sighed and got up.

" What are you going to do?!" I backed up against a wall as she came closer to me.

" I'm going to show you that we're both in the dead world," She gave me a smiled.

Suddenly, her stomach was slashed open by an invisible knife her gut falling out.

She stilled kept smoking her cigarette smiling.

I turned my back to her and started throwing up.

" So do you understand now?" She asked me patting my back her stomach contents were back in her body as if they didn't go out in the first place.

" Yea," I rolled up into a ball," I'm dead."

I cried into my bloody clothes.

" Why don't you go change into something clean, and I'll show you around Purgatory," She stood up.

" Purgatory?" I looked up at her," isn't that the place where lost souls go to if they can't enter Heaven or Hell?"

She nodded her head.

I didn't say anything else and just went into my room.

I put on a pair of jeans, black boots, and a t-shirt that said ' I speak fluent sarcasm.'

I also made sure to wash off all my make up.

When I came back out, I saw the woman waiting for me there in the hallway.

I really took in her features this time.

She had short black hair and amber eyes. She was about a foot bigger than me and seemed to be in her late thirties.

" There you are," She was no longer smoking a cigarette," lets get this show on the road. Shall we?"
" Sure," I took in a deep breath.

I was no longer alive.

On the inside, it felt like my heart shattered into a million pieces.

I've lost everything.



I looked at all the unfamiliar houses.

" These houses are not in my neighborhood," I looked at the woman who turned out to be named Ms. Stone," why are they here?"
" You are not in your neighborhood anymore Serenity," She shook her head," you're in Purgatory now."

" Oh," I looked around at the people who were exiting their houses to look at me.

" Yep, all these people were put in the same situation as you," She frowned," including me."

" They were all murdered?" I asked.

She nodded her head.

" I would expect there to be a lot more," I said.

" Well, are murders are... special," She started smoking a cigarette again.

" What do you mean by that?" I asked.

" All will be explained in time Serenity," She turned around to look at me obviously irritated.

" Fine," I looked to my right to see a big dark forest.

" Another rule of Purgatory is that you can't go into those woods," She saw me staring at them.

" Why?" I held her gaze.

" Because you just can't!" She snapped.

She then took in a deep breath and took a long puff.

" Ok, ok," I looked forward to see a horde of red heading my way.

I covered my head with my arms afraid that it might be fire.

I then opened my eyes to see they were butterflies encircling me.

Screams then filled my ears.

I then tried to swat them away, but they kept coming back.

It wasn't long until they left.

" They're greeting you," Ms. Stone walked on.

" That was no greeting!" I stepped in front of her," they were screaming at me."

" That was just the sound of murders," She went around me," they're called Crimson Butterflies. They're one of the connections from the living and the dead."

" So you're telling me butterflies can scream and go into the dead world?" I asked.

" Not just any butterflies," She smiled," Crimson butterflies. And that's only because Slender Man is fond of them though."

" Slender Man?" I remembered that name some where before," isn't that like a murderer?"

" I guess you can say that," She said," I'll explain it all in a minute."

" What are you waiting for?!" I was getting irritated," why can't you...."
That's when I ran into a posted sign.

" Now that's messed up," I rubbed my head," I'm dead, but I still feel pain."

" Here's the list of rules you'll be following," She pointed at the posted sign.

" You've got to be kidding me," I shook my head," these rules are more strict than the ones I had when I was alive!"

The Rules Of Purgatory

1. You will not harm any human or undead thing.

2. You will not go into the forest no matter what.

3. You will not contact the living.

4. You will not wake any later than 8:00 AM

5. You will not sleep any later than 9:30 PM

6. You will not steal.

7. You will not kill.

8. You will not form a more than a friend relationship with any body.

9. You will not touch a Crimson butterfly.

10. You will not look at us.

If you break any of these rules, you will die permanently.

Remember than we chose you for a reason and have a great day.

" Who's us?" I looked at him.

" It's our... murderers," Her eyes flaring," they're the best of the best. That's why Slender Man made them... immortal."

" So the person who killed me was immortal?" It felt like my head was about to explode from all this new information and environment of mine.

" Yes, except for Slender Man," She added," the only thing that can kill him is from hell. He's a demon you see."

" So demons and immortal," I started to rub my temples," and Slender Man turned him immortal how?"

" He gave these killers a sip of his blood," She answered," from a goblet that was carved out a rock from hell."

I kept quiet for a minute... before I exploded.

" FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!!!," I started swearing all over the place," why me God?! Out of all the people of the world, why did you let this happen to ME!!!"

" Calm down!" Ms. Stone whispered," you're drawing way too much attention to yourself."

" Don't you tell me what to do!" I stood up tall and clenched my fists," I will not stand for this!"

" You do not want them to hear you!" She grabbed me by the hand," why don't you come to my house, and I'll make you a cup of tea."

" I don't want a cup of tea!" I cried falling to my knees," I want my brother Sean!"

That's when there was a loud ringing in my ear.

" What's that?" I asked.

Then I realized I couldn't hear my own voice.

Oh great. I'm death too!

I cried more.

Through my teary eyes I could see everyone running away including Ms. Stone.

They all slammed their front doors behind them.

A fog rolled in causing my view of vision to no longer be a use to me.

That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

The ringing stopped.

My eyes went wide.

It's one of them! I know it's one of them! I'm dead!

I saw no point in running. I was in there territory after all. Might as well die for the second time and get it over with.

" Serenity!" A voice called out of the fog.

An image of a boy who was taller than me with blonde and green eyes appeared. Tears were streaming down his face, and he was wearing a hospital night gown.

I wanted to call out to him, but instead, I stayed where I was knowing it didn't matter if I made contact with him or not.

I couldn't go back to him.

That's when he started to fade away just like the fog.

The hand too started to slip away until I grabbed onto it.

I wanted to break every bone in that hand. I wanted it to be chopped off and thrown to the dog to devour. I wanted who ever was connected to the hand to die permanently.

Eventually, I let go of the hand and the sound of footprints went on behind me echoing in my mind.

A minute or so later, everyone came back out.

I saw Ms. Stone run towards me in her heels.

" Are you ok?" She asked me.

I nodded my head.

" How is she alive?" A little girl ran up to us in a little black dress and black litter shiny flats," I thought if Slender Man came to see you, you were dead."

" I thought the same," Ms. Stone studied me," did you see anything odd?"

" This whole place is odd," I walked away from her and too my house.



It was 9:20 PM, and I can't sleep.

" I might as well stay up and let one of the immortals kill me," I was reading a letter Ms. Stone slipped under my front door a couple of hours ago telling me more information about this place including a list of the immortals.

The Legendary Murderers

1. Slender Man

2. Jeff the Killer

3. Eyeless Jack

4. Sally


6. Jane the Killer

7. Laughing Jack

8. Lazari

9. Lehra

10. Puppeteer

11. Bloody Painter

12. Clockwork

13. Zero

14. Ticci Toby

15. Judge Angels

I looked at my clock to see it was 9:25 PM.

I stared at my door waiting for five more minutes.

That's when I heard someone bust through my front door down stairs.

My heart beat started to pound in my ear as I slipped out of bed.

I heard footsteps stomping in what I think is my kitchen.

My feet led my to my door.

I could hear plates and glasses being slammed on the ground.

My hand laid on the door knob and unlocked it.

I heard feet pounding on my stairs.

My body shook as I resisted the urge to call out for Sean.

It all stopped when all noise ceased at my door.

" Leave me alone..." I was crying feeling like a coward.

" You have a minute before I have to kill you," A kind voice said," please use that time wisely."

" Are you the one who killed me?" I asked ignoring his advice.

" Yes," He answer me no guilt in his voice.

" Why?" I fell to my knees.

" We kill Serenity because we like something about that individual," He said," I cannot tell you no more."

I nodded my head as I slipped back in bed and instantly fell asleep out of fear.


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