My name is Serenity Wells. It was Halloween when I was murdered. And I got stuck in Purgatory. That's where souls go to live between Heaven or Hell if they couldn't move on yet. Now isn't that just great? I was also put in a section called the supernatural because I was killed by a legendary murder who is actually immortal.


1. Chapter one

" I'll meet up with you in the woods," Sean was putting on his costume.

" Ok," I stared at myself in the mirror.

I was wearing a white knee length dress with white flats and a white dying rose crown on my head.

My sugar skull make up was so awesome and realistic. My eyes were circled in pure black while around the edges there were little half circles to represents flower peddles. I used eyes liner from the corners of my mouth to under my cheek bones where it curled up. On my forehead was a spider web that ended in a point where I drew a black cross. I colored my nose black and put sticks of black on my lips to look like stitches. At my chin, it was kind a like a half flower that what blue like my flower peddles. My plain skin was covered up with white clown makeup.

" I love Halloween," I exited my bathroom and entered a Halloween that ended at a doorway.

Immediately when I opened the door, a rush of leaves flooded in.

I shivered as I made a step forward that caused me to crunch on a leaf.

I sighed knowing I would have to clean all this up later and slammed my front door behind me.

My brother, Sean, and I were invited to a Halloween party that wasn't far away from here.

We both decided we would take a short cut through the woods to get their.

Another rush of leaves surrounded me as the wind started to pick up.

" I really should of brought a jacket," I hugged myself not really wanting to go back and get it," I'm sure Stacy has something for me to wear from her closet of something."

Stacy Ponders was the girl who invited us and who had a serious crush on my brother.

I made sure my crown was still in place and kept on going as I entered the woods.

There was a path for me to follow thank god.

I started to wander how long it would take Sean to get ready.

Usually I liked walking in these woods, but something didn't feel right tonight.

Maybe it's just Halloween fever I told myself.

That's when something caught my eye.

I turned my head to the right to see a fiery red butterfly resting on a tree.

" Wow," I tried to touch it, but it started flying away off the path.

" Wait! Come back!" I called after it as if it was a person.

I ran off the path and followed it.

For some reason, I wanted it as if it cost a million dollars.

I soon came to a clearing and stopped.

" Where did you go?" I looked around to see it was night now.

How long have I been running for?
" The path..." I turned around to see it was no way near.

That's when I heard a snapping of a twig.

I froze as everything became silent.

Voices inside my head where telling me to run.

" S.. Sean? Is t-that you?" I couldn't turn around.

My body wouldn't let me.

I suddenly heard hard, deep breathing on my neck.

 Please let it be Sean. Please let it be my twin brother that I look nothing alike. Please be a boy dressed in a Texas Chainsaw costume.

" Serenity!" A voice called out that sounded like it was close.

I was too scared to call out because I knew then that some one was behind me that wasn't my brother.

I heard running behind me and bushes brushing against this person as hurried along.

" There you are!" Sean showed up behind a tree," are you ok? You look like you just saw a ghost."

I turned around to see no one there.

" Lets just get out of here," I started running from where he came.



 " Hey Sean!" Stacy came out of nowhere and smiled at my brother.

" Sup Stacy," He took off his mask to reveal blonde hair and green eyes.

Stacy was wearing a werewolf costume.

" Hey Serenity," She said with less positivity.

" Hey," I was still shooken up a bit.

" Are you ok?" She raised an eyebrow," you look sick."

" I'm... fine," I started to play with a string of my curly brown hair," where's your bathroom?"

" It's around that corner," She pointed me to the right.

" Thanks," I left the love birds alone and entered a pretty good size bathroom.

I ran in, locked myself in, and started throwing up in her toilet.

I turned my head to an open bathroom to see an open window and guess what?

That butterfly from earlier was just sitting there looking straight at me.

I only kept my eyes on it for a second until it flew off.

I ran towards the open window to find it fly into the woods again.

" Oh no," I shook my head," not this time."

I shut the window, checked myself in the mirror, and left the bathroom.




By the end of the party, I saw Stacy making out with some guy in the corner who was not my brother.

I just shook my head. I guess Sean denied her.

I had a bear or two, but I wasn't feeling tipsy at all.

Sean on the other hand was drunk.

" Oh great," I saw him passed out on the couch with a shot in his hand," how am I gonna get you home now? It's not like I have a car."

" I'll drive you two home," A voice came from behind me.

It was Riley Ponders. He was Stacy's older brother.

He had brown eyes and black hair. His skin was tan thin.

Apparently for Halloween, he was a Beetle- Juice with a striped suit, pail makeup, and his hair sticking up with streaks of white in it.

" Really?" I asked.

" Yea," He gave me a bright smile.

" Great," I grabbed my brother by the feet," do you mind getting his hands."

He just nodded his head as we brought him outside and put him in Riley's car.

We put him in the back seat while Riley and I took the front.

" Thank you so much," I put on my seat belt while he pulled out of his drive way and made his way down the road.

" No problem," He kept his eyes on the road.

There was an awkward silence between us then.

" So..." I said," how is it being a senior?"
" It's great," He looked at me," how's your life?"

" Good I guess," I shrugged my shoulder.

" How's... your mom?" He whispered.

" She's on the road to recovery," The memory of her suicide attempt crossed my mind," and she'll be home soon with my Aunt Cecilia who's been staying with her at the hospital."

" You guys must be going through such a rough time," Sadness crept into his voice.

" Yea," I nodded my head," but don't worry about us. We'll get though this."

" You know, if you ever need help," He looked away from me," I'm only a call away. I would be happy to help you Serenity."

" Thanks," I smiled," I'll keep that in mind."
" That's when he slammed his foot on the breaks.

I hit my head on his dash board  with a big thud.

" Why did you stop?!" I rubbed my head.

He pointed through his window shield.

Flying across the barren road was a flying red butterfly that looked bloody in his car lights.

" No..." He was shaking," no! No!! No!!!"

" What's wrong Riley?" I asked.

" We have to leave now!" He stomped on the accelerater.

As we were swerving down the road, a man jumped out in front of the car.

Riley turned his wheel sharply to the right, and we hit a tree.

The next time I opened my eyes, a warm liquid was running down my face and right arm which was sticking out the car window.

" Riley?" I asked.

" Serenity... run...," Riley was laying on the steering wheel his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

I turned around to see Sean unharmed.

Finding Riley's phone on the floor, I realized it was broken and it was no use to me.

Maybe I can find help near by.

I got out the car to see the man who was in the road was no longer there.

He must of ran into the woods fearing he would be hit.

No car or any running vehicle was in sight.

That's when a hand covered my mouth and another hand held a knife up to my throat.

" Finally, I can add you to my collection," A voice whispered in my ear as he slashed at my throat causing blood to splatter out.

I fell to my knees watching my own blood run down my dress staining it red.

Then everything went black.


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