Darkness In Her Heart

Alaska's light is always burning bright, she's famous but for her light her beauty. Her parents, Queen Safira and King Jadeous raised her well to be more than just a beautiful flower to be more than what her siblings as become. However they're way have darken her and her family doesn't know how she feels and her is only thing that is blocking them from the truth...

Lord Cain the ruler of the Forbade empire, he watches, protect some the Summerlight Kingdoms from outcast and common mortals from stealing the Light of others. He stumbles upon Alaska's at a ball and taken away at her sadness?
One thing for sure no one's she be sad with her light so enriching and rare.


1. A Princess Thoughts is no Princess

​ Alaska POV 

 It's really pretty day,

A very pretty day and yet I feel like it's reflecting what I should feel which is happiness. It's annoying, I'm still in bed but it's so close to Tea time that I should be getting dress. I grabbed my bell and rang it to a regular human it's soundless but to my kind it's beautiful music to our ears. My ladies came inside they're dressed in the most expensive attire I dislike it in know my lovely sister chosen this because it's not what I wanted. 

"Did Sami dress you girls" I asked they nodded at the same time I sighed 

"Please make a note for my Lady Reign that I want you ladies to be dressed a in silk and lace dresses in color purple and silver, if Sami changes it please refuse on my behave...do I make myself clear, I want you ladies to feel comfortable in a dress not advertisement" I ranted basically little shit like this Pisses me off and I'm not sure why entirely I know Sami means a lot but if I want my ladies maids to pamper me all day and night I like show them the same kind of pamper and understanding as well; not treat them like they don't have a life they do they're not slaves just working ladies trying to feed they families of any of them as one. Since its only Tea time I asked for a soft look, I'm dressed in a fresh Cotton Sun strapless dress that reaches to my knees. My hip length hair is pulled in an elegant look, my makeup is different shades of pinks and purples I love these colors my mood is getting better than before maybe getting out of bed was what I needed.  After an hour my mother the Queen, burst through the door she's surprised that I'm just about finished getting ready. But clearly l still upset that I'm barely done while everyone else is done. I'm the baby and with that I should be done before everyone else but it's mostly because I'm next to be "Queen" my sister would've been able too but none of them received the "Power" or they're light around my age or basically hitting puberty earlier than norm. I gotten my light at 12yrs old while it tends to take 1200yrs old to get their​​ ultimate; I'm one bad ass of a Princess huh? nope! I rather be a freakin nobody. 

"Come on now we are late!" Mother screeches, geez she acting like she never sees dad is months...when they're married...and live together? It's soo adorable! The ladies managed to have me done in time and I'm rushed to the gardens, my immediate family is all here it's then I feel so much like the baby-babyx3000 sister. I have six brothers and five sisters all my nieces and nephews are like a freaking ancient and they call me auntie Alaska! It's creepy...I sit in my usual seat next to Father the man I'm going to marry soon maybe. That's if anyone is the Royal families getting the Power of Male or the Alfa meganess...geez I'm freakin weird with labels.

"Glad to join the living Alaska?" Sami says first I roll my eyes 

"I have nothing else to do I'm useless" I answered which my dumb self shouldn't have said I'm surrounded by ancient beings depression is common for older folk and the world useless is a sigh of it but hey I'm a teenager...words like that are exaggeration

"Don't ever say that Alaska, you are young...very young, you in progress of being the next Queen of all kingdoms of Summerlight" Mom says I'm shocked she isn't upset that I'm taking her place, when I learned about the pass Queens the previous ones went nuts! 

"Are Mad that I'm taking your place? I feel like a theft" I answered making them laugh, geez I should be a comedian...

"No silly, those Queen back then we're greedy and only sought out power and Vainity, I'm not affect because I sought out love, peace, and family" mom said I smiled at her, our Tea is brought to us and I smelled some really strong that I gagged it freaked them out and not touch the pot of tea, mom being brave opened it and she took piece of her hair and dumped it inside the pot it and use tongs to take it out all of us gasped mom's piece of hair died. It's color vanished and now its dead gray, whoever did this is trying to steal Royal light! 

Who on this good world would want Royal light?!



King Jadeous POV


I've never thought it would come, not now; Alaska is clinging onto me I can feel her heart racing. This brought a whole new level someone is threatening my family! Whoever this son of bitch is I'm going to him or her and kill'em with my own hands. I shouted out orders to my guards holding Alaska her light is dimming and it frightened me this is common for her if she too scared her light dims its a technique used for our kind to hide from danger. However it's also life threatening for someone like her to stay dim I'll be easier for some one to take her light than it being bursting outward I'll fight and she'll fight. Something we keep to ourselves not even the medical field "know" about it. Most doctors are Summerians or Forbadians; Forbadians are a "Dark" version of us were practically the same just wield different magic none of them are bad just like non of my people are entirely good its just how the humans interprets us from a glance, a false image. One of  my servants came to me he given me a note, 

"Please escort Princess Alaska to her chambers; Al please have two guards at my children's chambers, Alaska will have three times more" I told 

"Can we all betogether?" Alaska's voice went to my heart she is too good her light is all I care at the moment she dimming I closed my eye and nodded when I looked at her she a bit brighter than before I sighed in relief I looked at her brother and sisters they seemed relieved as well but worry is still inevitable. I ordered a ride to take me to Lord Cain to ddiscuss some matters instead the note it's a normal thing a reminder about tonight's ball at the Forbade Cell it's a prefect place for the theme Valentine. Alaska will love it I'm sure of it, she's a sucker for romance always gushing over it when My Queen and I have our moments. it's sad that with My Queen gifts fading I feel like my love is as well but I don't want it too. My Safira she's my Light and I'm her darken mistake. So many good men had the gift to be her king and she chosen me her life long friend her brother...to start something our parents never had we had the same dreams and hopes we fought together forever to get what have now...

A Family 

Alaska POV 

​I screamed, thrashing around I felt arms touching me stopping me from getting away! 

"I don't want to die!" I hear myself screaming out I couldn't see the person, I don't want to see the person, a sharp pain across my face I blinked rapidly I looked to see everyone fear is evidently there but concern is also the mask they place. Nightmares, it's too soon for me to get nightmares...right? I get nightmares from reading scary books or watching graphic movies. After what happened this afternoon I was beyond frightened I couldn't stop thinking who would threaten my family, who would try to poison us, to kill us? I'm just overworked nearly killing myself from hiding my light it's what cause me to pass out mom told me to stop but I was scared and sobbed in her arms but it seemed like they didn't care about themselves they focused on me. 


"Alaska look at me" Donavan said I looked at him he's holding my arms my cheek is sore, he must've slapped me awake....I love you Don! 

"What happened?" He asked he seemed angry 

"We all died, our heart lost its light, I couldn't save guys, they attack me all of them I couldn't see faces but they're hands we on me I can feel sharp feeling in my chest like someone is carving a hole then the sucking feeling, my body became so cold then nothing that was it I was cold and had no strength to fight but I didn't want to die"  I told lying down breathing Don lied next to me the other left us alone it was odd but I didn't care I love Don's presenc. He's the first born and first boy, I'm surprised he isn't married nor have children. 

I wonder what would be like to have one...with him?

Wait...what where did that come from?! I'm fucking slut... 

​no your not! 

Don get out of my head! 

why? You never talk to us 

You never ask

​You will never tell the truth 

Whatever go away


​I'm a fucking murder Don in his sleep, that'll teach him to leave a Princess Thoughts to her own! 

Alaska Dinor! 

Oops! See I told you to leave my mind alone! I can never privacy! What am I a fucking gossip magazine! I'm already all over Tv go watch me on that that invading my head uuuuughhhh! I wish I was never Royal I rather be a nobody...

Hmm...No you not, you are my sister that's trying to hide something but what? What are you hiding from me from all of us 

 It doesn't matter anyways my thoughts are mine and you have no right to them Don

That's true and A Princess Thoughts is No Princess

I'm sorry Alaska

I turned to face him he looks at me but stays facing the ceiling I touch his face his light brightens like my touch gives him strength. I smiled at him and did something never though I could do. 

​Alaska is something else, her thoughts is what I didn't expect but of course she doesn't talk much but I'll do my best to get her to open up I hate seeing her fight against herself. I doubt she even knows how she makes all of us feel that her birth is was gave us our ultimate light... Alaska I know you can here me... I'll fight for you when your ceremony as Queen arrives I want to be your King..

"I think you already Are" I found myself saying....

​pray I'm doing the right thing...

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