What Did I Get Myself Into

Haven't heard of 5sos.... weird.


1. Chapter One


I'm just walking down a street in LA. What I do for fun is pick a city, book a flight, and just spend a week exploring everything. Its really fun. I usually go by myself. It's amazing being on your own visiting different cities all the time. I absolutely love it. "Oh my god I'm SO sorry." I said chuckling as I ran into someone. "Oh no it's my fault. I should really watch where I'm going." He said. I looked up and it was a a tall guy, blonde i think. He had a beanie on and his hoodie over that, he also had sunglasses so dark I could see his eyes. We just stood there starring a each other. "We got to go! Come on!" Some other guy yelled behind me. "I should probably go. Sorry again!" He shouted waving and running to catch up with the other guy. Weird. Maybe it's time to go back to the hotel room and watch some Friends. So I started walking back to the hotel.  It wasn't a far walk but I also stopped by to buy some popcorn. "Oh! Can you hold the elevator?" I shouted running over. "Thank you! This elevator takes forever to come back down." I said. "Hey I ran into you earlier!" The guy said. "Oh yeah, I guess we did!" I giggled. "What are you doing in LA?" He asked. He was still wearing the hoodie and sunglasses. Weird. "Um just visiting." I smiled. "Like family?" He asked. "Oh no. I just like to pick a city and go there for a week and just explore I guess. What are you doing in LA?" I asked. "That's really cool! I guess I do that too. But I'm usually always working when I'm in a new city. That's why I'm in LA." He said. "Oh what do you do?" I asked. "Why don't we keep that a secret for now?" He chuckled. "Oh I love a good secret." I giggled. "Are you doing anything tonight?" He asked. "Um, unless getting in PJ's and watching Friends is a plan then no." I blushed. "Do you want to come with me?" He asked. The elevator opened on my floor. He held the door open so we could keep talking. "Go with you where?" I asked. "So you can see what I do for a living. It'll be fun. I promise." He smiled. Oh he has a lip ring. I didn't really take notice until now. "Are you a serial killer?" I asked, which made him crack up. "No I don't think I am." He replied. "Okay. I'll go with you." I smiled. "Okay be ready in an hour?" He asked. "Okay. Dress code?" I asked. "Um casual, but it'll get hot so maybe shorts." He smiled. I nodded. "Oh! What room are you in?" He asked. "716." He nodded and let the elevator close between us. Woah. Am I really going out with some guy? I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME. But for some reason I have a good feeling about this. I unlocked my room and immediately went to my luggage. I picked out some black high waisted shorts and a white loose t shirt. I put on my high top white converse and I was all ready. I got 45 minutes. I think that's enough for 2 episodes of Friends. 

*knock knock knock*

"Hey! Let me just get my purse." I said smiling. Again he was wearing the same thing. Weird. He nodded and I grabbed my phone and purse. "Alright lets go!" He smiled. We got on the elevator. "So what's your name since I totally forgot to ask you." He said chuckling. "Nikki, and i never bothered asking you either.." I blushed. "Luke. Nice to meet you officially." He gave me an amazing smile. "Nice to meet you too Luke." I smiled back. "So how old are you?" He asked. "I'm 18, 19 in two weeks from today." I smiled. "How old are you?" I asked him. "19. So we're about the same age. Do you go to school? Or are you working already?" He asked. "I don't work, and as for school I decided to take a year or two off to travel and have fun. To live a little before getting serious about what I want to do with my life." I said. "That's amazing. Not a lot of people think like you." He smiled. "I'm taking that as a compliment. Thank you!" I chuckled. "It was definitely a compliment!" He smiled. The elevator door opened. "The driver is waiting on the back parking lot so we'll be going through the back if you don't mind." He said as we stepped out of the elevator. "Not at all." I said. He nodded and lead the way to the car. "Very fancy of you to have a driver." I smiled. "I guess you can say that." He opened the door for me to get in. "You know where to go right?" Luke asked the driver who nodded in response. We just talked the whole car ride. It wasn't long but it was long enough to get to know each other more. "Alright here we are." He said getting out. "I haven't been here yet. Where are we?" I asked. "We are at the back of the Staples Center." He smiled. "Oh I've heard about this place." I smiled. "Okay so maybe I should tell you what I do for a living now so this all makes sense...I'm a janitor at this arena." He said. I nodded. "You must be really good here if you had a driver take you to work. That's cool though! Do you ever meet people backstage?" I asked. "Yeah all the time!" He smiled. "Honestly that's cool. yOu could like pick up their trash and sell it on eBay 'Beyonce's q-tip~ $2,000'" I joked. "How do you think I can afford a driver?" He chuckled. "I knew it!" I laughed. "Okay so that was a little test and you passed. Like any other girl would have walked away because I was a janitor." He said. "Wait so you're not really a janitor?" I asked walking away jokingly. "I'm only into janitors!" I joked. "Well I'm not a janitor...but" He said but he was cut off by the security at the door. "Luke Hemmings. She's not on there but she's with me." The guard made way and we passed through. "But what?" I asked. "Oh yeah! Okay so I'm no janitor, but I am in a band that is performing here today." He said. "That's so cool! You get to be in a city every day, that's amazing. I get what you mean that you're too busy to actually see the city though. But hey I bet you're living the dream." I said. He took his glasses off to reveal the most amazing blue eyes ever. "I've never met a girl like you." Luke said smiling. "What do you mean?" I asked blushing. "If someone doesn't know me and I tell her that I'm in a band they always ask for a picture or an autograph and say they knew me all along but didn't want to say anything. Just because I'm famous or whatever they suddenly want stuff. But you went on and talked about how cool it was to travel." He laughed. "Well i never saidI didn't want stuff. I kinda need a new car so just hand one over and I'll be on my way!" I joked. "No but really, that's amazing. Want to meet the band?" He asked. "Yeah that'd be cool!" I said. He lead me to a dressing room. "Gee Luke what took you so long?" The guy with dark hair asked. "Oh my god he brought a girl. I repeat, Luke brought a girl with him." The one with an eyebrow piercing said. "So that's why you're late.. Go Luke!" The blonde long haired one said. "Australian!" I shouted before i could stop myself. "what?" Luke asked. "When I first met you i was like is that British or Australian. But now that I heard all of you talk I figured it out." I smiled blushing. "You didn't know we were Australian?" Calum asked. I shook my head. "Guys this is Nikki Nikki that is Calum, Ashton, and Michael. Our band is called 5 Seconds of Summer of 5sos for short." Luke said. "Oh you did;t know who we are. Make's sense now. Well, welcome" Ashton said. I said hi to all of them and they said hi back. "Are you boys ready for soundcheck?" A lady asked. "Yup! We'll be on stage in like %5 seconds." Michael said laughing. Calum just rolled his eyes. "So do you want to stay and listen or you can go if you don't want to. I can have the driver take you back to your room." Luke said. "No I think I'd be cool to hear you guys. I wanna hear what kind of music you guys play." I smiled. "We like rainbows. That kind of music." Ashton joked.. "Do you want to sit in backstage or be in the audience?" Luke asked. "Can I be in the audience to get the full feel go you guys?" I asked. "Yeah, of course! But here, you'll need this." He said giving me a lanyard that had a soundcheck pass and a backstage pass. "I'll walk you down and have security sit with you because our fans can get a little over protective." He smiled. "Oh okay thanks!" I smiled. As soon as one of them stepped on the stage the few girls in soundcheck went crazy. "Okay so you can sit right there with security. If you feel like it's too much to handle you can just tel them to bring you backstage okay?" He asked. "Yeah. Thank you so much!" I smiled. He then ran back upstage. "So today's a little different. We'll be taking question first and then well play. How does that sound?" Calum said into the mic. They all randomly piked girls to ask them a question. "Okay My question is for Luke. Who is that girl?" A girl asked pointing over at me making me blush really bad. "That's our friend. Her name is Nikki so treat her well." He smiled at me. "Are you sure she's not your girlfriend?" She asked. "No she's not my girlfriend." He said blushing too. Another girl got the mic. "Is Nikki any of your girlfriends?" She asked. "She's obvious;y not mine. You guys know who I'm dating." Ashton said. "Well she's' my girlfriend." Michael said. "And mine too." Calum said. "Well i guess she's my girlfriend to. I mean it's only fair." Luke said laughing along with the other boys. "But in all seriousness she's not any of our girlfriend. Just a good friend." Ashton clarified. Another girl got the mic. "Is she on tour with you guys?" "Oh my god, I think we should jus bring her up on stage to answer these questions for you." Michael said "Yeah like what are we even doing here. They all clearly came for Nikki." Calum joked some more. "Is there any questions not regarding Nikki?" Ashton asked. No one spoke up so rose my hand. "What's up Nikki."Luke asked. The security gave me the mic. "What's your favorite part about being touring the world?" I asked. "Um probably doing stuff like this. Getting up close and personal with our 5sosfam. Seeing different cities and their people. It's all exciting.' They all agreed. I nodded knowing they are amazing people. "Okay I guess we can start playing fore guys. We'll just do a few of our new songs before we have to go back and get ready for the show." Michael said. They played really good! It's kind of pop kind of rock kind of punk. It was amazing. "Thank you guys and see you in a little bit!" They all ran backstage except for Luke who came down and brought me back up again. "I told you they were a little over protective." He chuckled. "That's cute how it's a family fandom though. And you guys are really good. Like really good." I smiled.. "Thank you. We know we know." Calum said "flipping is hair." "I'm glad you like our music. We love it because we just play what we like to hear." Ashton smiled. "Yeah it's incredible." I smiled. "So are you musically talented ?" Michael asked. "Um, I don't sing very well.. BUT I do play piano pretty good and a little guitar, not much. I used to write music but I haven't done that in awhile either." I said. "Play something for us!" Luke said. "I don't really carry a piano with me everywhere.." I joked. "We have on over in the dressing room come on!" Calum said dragging me there. "Oh okay." I sat down on the bench. "What do you guys want me to play?" I asked. "Do you know Jasey Rae by All Time Low?"Luke asked. "Of course! Okay I can try and play that one." I said. I play by memory. I'll see the music sheets until I perfect the entire song and then engrave it into my brain an from then on play it by memory. I started playing and they all sang along and Luke played the guitar. "You're really good!" Michael said. "Thank you I know I know." I said mocking Calum. "So like do you want to be in the music industry?" Ashton asked. "Um it would be really cool if i was. I wanted to be a producer for a little bit but I'm not sure anymore." I said. They all nodded. "You should come on tour with us." Michael blurted out. "What?" I asked. "Yeah it'd be fun! We can travel all together. Maybe you could start writing music again and we could collab on a few songs. Maybe add some piano to our sings. It'd be really cool." Michael said again. "Michael you can't just tell her to come. She's got family." Ashton said. "Actually, my parents were in an accident 2 years ago and my aunt "took me in" but only to show that I was with family. But I moved out on my own and haven't seen my family since then. So no family for me." I said. "Oh my god we're so sorry." They all said. "It's okay. It was hard at the beginning but I'm a believer in that everything happens for a reason. We might not know what at the time but eventually you'll know." I smiled. "So do you think running into Luke and being here is for a reason?" Calum asked. "Definitely,." I said. "Then I think that reason is for you to come on tour with us. ALL WHO AGREE SAY I." Michael said. "I." "I." "I." "I." They all yelled."Then I guess it's settled. I'm going on tour with you guys. WOAH

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