Gryffindor's are the brave
Hufflepuff's are the loyal
Ravenclaw's are the Intelligent
Slytherin's are the Cunning

But why do the Slytherin's get singled out as the cruel and the rude.
Not everyone is as self obsessed as say the Malfoy's, so can one girl change the stereotypes or become it.

*Fanfiction Royal: AU*
(This story is based on a new student while Harry Potter and his friends are in their 5th year.)


2. Chapter Two: The Sorting Ceremony

"What house do you think she is going to get?" Marigold, Abigail,Jasmine and I huddled up, gambling our money on the fate of the pale faced student who sat on the stool in front of the whole school. 

"Ravenclaw for sure." Abigail laughed, dropping 4 sickles into Marigold's hand.

"I think Hufflepuff." I drop 2 sickles in, I don't want to try my luck.

"Jasmine?" Jasmine wasn't in the circle anymore, in fact she wasn't even around us.

"Oh my!" Marigold points to the girl who sat on the stool. Jasmine!

"Wish for Gryffindor!" Marigold dumped the coins into her pocket and she crossed her fingers.

Abigail and I followed, wishing that Jasmine gets what she wants, and I hope they do the same for me.

"Gryffindor!" Jasmines face relives itself from the tight clasp that held her jaw tightly to her head. Cheers from the Gryffindor table filled the hall as Jasmine waved to Marigold and skipped toward the Gryffindor table where two red heads high-fived her.

"Marigold Chashire." The old lady with the hat, almost identical to the Sorting Hat shouted, and everyone turned to Marigold.

"Wish me luck." She gulped before walking down the small aisle that formed.

"I really hope she get's Gryffindor, that is all those two have ever talked about since they could talk." Abigail chuckled, crossing both of her fingers. I cross mine too. 

She sat there, her face as pale as the small group of students that went before her.

"Gryffindor!" the hat shouts, and a loud scream of joy comes from the Gryffindor table, and I knew exactly who it was.

Marigold ran toward Jasmine and they greeted each other in a warm embrace.

"Andrew Dander." a tall boy, with blonde hair and ice blue eyes appeared through the heads of several whispering girls. My eyes followed him as he sat down and the hat was placed on his head.

He sat there, fumbling with his fingers when the voice from the hat announced his fate

"Slytherin!" loud chants from the table at the far right was all you could hear. My heart dropped and I could almost feel it shattering against my ribs. A little bit of me wanted him in Ravenclaw and a little bit of me wants to be in Slytherin but the sight of my sister sitting at the Ravenclaw table, laughing with her friends shook the little bit of Slytherin that was in me.

A few more people went up but I was too busy paying attention to the Slytherin table, they laughed, they joked around like every other table, but for some reason, nobody liked them.

"Hayley Burns." I took a deep breath and I took a step forward and almost instantly a aisle was cleared.

I took in everything because this was the moment I was free of labels or colors. This was the last very moments I would be free to talk to who I want and not be categorized as intelligent or loyal. 

I sit down on the stool and the weight of the hat was like a textbook, heavy but light. The voice starts speaking, loud but only loud enough for me to hear.

Hmmm, you want to be in Ravenclaw, if that is what your heart desires

But it isn't

You have a little part of you that wants Slytherin

But nobody wants Slytherin

You are smart, maybe you do belong with your sister 

Hmm what shall it be

But you are conflicted

Love or family

Take your pick

A rin-tin-tin

I feel you should be in




My sister looks at me, she is speaking but the cheers from the Slytherin table drowned her out, but the look on her face. The look I didn't want, the look I never wanted. The look of disappointment.

I feel the hat get removed from my head and I stand up, my brain wants me to go to Ravenclaw but my feet take me the opposite way.

I take a seat between a girl and a boy who hugged me and greeted me.

"Welcome to Slytherin."



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