Gryffindor's are the brave
Hufflepuff's are the loyal
Ravenclaw's are the Intelligent
Slytherin's are the Cunning

But why do the Slytherin's get singled out as the cruel and the rude.
Not everyone is as self obsessed as say the Malfoy's, so can one girl change the stereotypes or become it.

*Fanfiction Royal: AU*
(This story is based on a new student while Harry Potter and his friends are in their 5th year.)


3. Chapter Three: The Common Room

I glanced at my sister the whole time we ate. Her golden brown eyes were not gleaming anymore, but dull and dead almost as if she was upset that her pesky little sister didn't get Ravenclaw.

"Are you going to eat that?" a blonde tall boy, not the one I had seen before asked. He pointed to the roll that sat untouched.

"Draco, it's rude to pester young brats." Pansy laughed leaning her head on his shoulder. Pansy was the only name I knew, after Aqualia pointed her out as the girl who bullied her since her 1st year. But maybe she will like me more, sine I am also Slytherin.

"Well are you?" he shook Pansy off his shoulder and looked at me, and all I could do was shake my head and he picked it up and bit into it.

"Thanks." he muttered before turning back to his friends.

"That's Draco Malfoy." a small petite girl whispered in my ear. I saw her on the train, a lot of her friends went into Hufflepuff.

"Really?" I looked to the blonde boy, a Malfoy. They are such a famous family, and here he is, asking for my roll.

"Yeah, and over there is Harry Potter!" she pointed to the boy with the black hair that seeped onto his forehead.

"The Harry Potter?" This was too good to be true.

She nodded and continued to eat her food.

I stared at Harry and the redhead to his left and the brunette to his right. The redhead was without doubt Ron Weasley. I have heard so much about him from Aqualia since she had a crush on him since forever and the brunette, I know her, her name is on the tip of my tongue yet it stays unhidden.


After everyone finished the feast, the Slytherin prefects lead us toward the Common Room. I got one last glance at Aqualia before the stairs shifted and she was out of site. It was a privilege to stand on such a monumental thing. The staircases was all that I dreamed of as a kid, them shifting and moving. The dungeon, where the Common Room was hiddne, was dark and damp, like we were walking through a sewer. 

"The password is Serpens." right as the prefect spoke, the door opened revealing the magical room that will be my home. We all file in, pushing and shoving until we all enter the large Common area. 

You would have no doubt that this was the Slytherin common area as everything was a dark green or silver hue.

"Girls to the left and boys to the right." We all parted up the stairs. If I do say so myself, girls are much more vicious 

than guys. Sure boys can pack a punch but one its done, it's done however when a girl fights, she saves venom for the aftermath not the action. 

The small petite girl that talked to me at the feast taps me on the back as we enter the room.

"Want to get a bunk near me?" she is friendly. a social butterfly but somehow she picks me to be her friend.

"Sure." we go around the room until we find two beds far away from Pansy and her friends.

I fall down on the dark green bedspread.

"I understand green and silver are Slytherin's colors but does it need to be everywhere!" I giggle, and I hear the girl join in too.

"If I knew this I would much rather be in Gryffindor, red and gold are my favorite colors."

"I would rather be in Ravenclaw no matter what." I stop giggling and I stare at the canopy of the bed. She starts talking about her family, how her sister is in Hufflepuff and her brother in Gryffindor, that at home it's pretty hard with three houses living in one house. I tell her about the line of Ravenclaw, and what my mother said about making a new line.

"Well she isn't wrong, you could start a whole new generation of Slytherin."

"I suppose, but nobody likes Slytherin, besides Slytherin. I haven't heard one ni-" A loud shriek cuts me off, and the girl and I give each other a look before rolling off our beds and taking off running down the stairs with the rest of the girls who were chatting. I run into someone's back but they didn't care as a crowd has gathered around a girl, dressed in Gryffindor colors laying on the floor.

"What have you done to her?" the words escape my mouth and a fairly chubby boy who had his wand pointing at her laughed.

I push through the crowd but a hand grabs me and pulls me back. It was the blonde boy I saw before.

"Don't." he pushed me back and stood in front of me.

"Are you going to let him do that?" I tried to push him aside but he stood firmly tall.

"What did you think that girl did to deserve that? He won't stop with you." he held his arm out, blocking me from slipping through.

"Crabbe!" Draco appeared from the crowd. 

"She tried to get in." he laughed, wiggling his wand around in the air.

"You fool!" he pushed people away pushing Crabbe against the wall.

"I love to torture those mud-bloods from Gryffindor, but our rules are Potter's and Weasley's only he let go of him and turned around.

"Felix!" the blonde kid in front of me, Felix. He walked over and Draco whispered in his ear.

"Sure." he walked over to the girl, and peeled her from the ground.

He walked out of the common room, with the girl's head hanging over his arm.

"I can't take this!" I mutter as I push through the crowd and run up the stairs. I run and I fall onto my bed, face first into the pillow. I am in the house of murderers.

"You ok?" I lift my head up and the same petite girl looks at me.

I don't reply, too upset to even try to choke out words

"When you want to talk, I'll be downstairs." I hear the creaking of her bed and her footsteps falling down the stairs.

I roll over taking in the air that I lost trying to breath through my pillow.

"I'm sorry mom." I cry, knowing that she will never forgive me


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