Gryffindor's are the brave
Hufflepuff's are the loyal
Ravenclaw's are the Intelligent
Slytherin's are the Cunning

But why do the Slytherin's get singled out as the cruel and the rude.
Not everyone is as self obsessed as say the Malfoy's, so can one girl change the stereotypes or become it.

*Fanfiction Royal: AU*
(This story is based on a new student while Harry Potter and his friends are in their 5th year.)


1. Chapter One: The Train

"The train is leaving in five minutes!" I stood next to my mother who was rambling on about how I need to behave.

"This is a high education school Hayley, I need to know that you won't fall into the bad crowd." My mother gave me a hug but there was only one thing on my mind that stopped me from the warm embrace.

"But what if I don't get into Ravenclaw?" I come from a long line of Ravenclaws, and it would ruin my life if I didn't end up in Ravenclaw. I could be considered a vermin to the family and forced to spend Christmas alone. Even my sister Karina made it into Ravenclaw.

"Well everyone is different. Did you know that before this very long line of Ravenclaws it was Hufflepuffs and before then it was Gryffindors? Maybe you will start a new line." She kissed my forehead and gave me a reassuring push toward the train. I waved my last goodbye before climbing the train steps.

I didn't know how many students were going to be on here but I can say there was a lot. I walked past endless compartments before I reached a empty one. I slid through the door entering the lightly lit area.

The giggles and laughs of students passing walk almost the only thing I could hear. Instead of placing the trunk on the shelf, I keep it at my feet as I read "Travel with Trolls".

The words exploded from the page creating the world itself. I felt as if I was standing there, breathing there.I stood on the snowy mountain, feeling the icy air crawl up my skin as I step into the crunchy snow. Trolls were everywhere, and there was standing Gilderoy Lockhart. That was my reality until the sound of the compartment door opening scared the words back onto their pages and Lockhart's soul warming smile disappeared.

"Mind if I sit here?" a girl with long blonde hair popped her head in, holding a small toad in her hands.

"Umm sure." I close my book trapping away the snowy world. She opened the door and let in two more girls inside before herself. She was very incorrect on her request, but I let it go. Maybe they were nice.

Once she closed the door she fell into the seat next to her friends.

"So what is your name?" she moved her hair out of her face revealing her bright blue eyes.

"Hayley." I look to the other to blondes but they were counting up their money for the trolley.

"Well I am Abigail." she pointed to herself. "And that is Marigold and Jasmine." 

The only thing that kept me from thinking I was seeing double was their hair and eyes. Marigold wore blue at the tips of her hair and her eyes were a dark brown while Jasmine fashioned a pink at the tips of her blonde hair and her eyes were a minty green. There was no doubt that those two were twins.

"So what house do you want?" Marigold looked up from counting her Galleons and Sickles.

"Ravenclaw." I lift up my brown hair to show them my Ravenclaw scarf that my mother had given to me as a good luck charm.

"Me too!" Abigail laughs, holding out her hand for a high five.

I laugh too, but not because she was being funny, because I think I made friends and I didn't even make it to Hogwarts yet.

I slap her hand and continue to laugh.

"We want Gryffindor! Our parents were in Gryffindor." They stand up quickly at the sound of the old witch you wobbled down the aisle with the trolley.

"Be right back!" they smile in unison as they file out of the compartment leaving Abigail and I alone in silence.

She lifted her toad to her face and kissed it, smiling.

"My brother was a liar." she giggled, setting the toad back into her lap.


"He once told me that if you kissed a frog that it would turn into a prince." She rubbed it's warty back.

"Well that's a toad." I point to her toad, which barely resembled a frog.

"Yeah, I know. I just thought maybe it could work." She laughed. "Guess not." 

I opened my mouth to speak when Marigold and Jasmine shuffle their way in, hands full of sweets.

Marigold fell into her seat and threw me a chocolate frog.

"Thanks" I rip open the package and I set the frog away, what I wanted was the card.

I flip it over and my heart drops. All I ever wanted was a Rowena Ravenclaw and just when I thought I was going to get it, Salazar Slytherin takes her place.

"What did you get? I have been getting Dumbledore for like years, I can never collect enough of him." Jasmine raises up her card. Rowena.

"Unfair!" I show them my card and they all gasp.

"Wow, bad luck with that one." Abigail snatched the card from my hand, giving it a closer look.

"You never want him!" Marigold snatched the card out of Abigail's hand and Jasmine snatched the card out of Marigold's hand.

She handed it back to me and smiled.

"I am sure he wasn't that bad. Anyways, where is your animal Hayley?" She pointed to my trunk. No cage for a owl, no cat sitting on my lap, no toad in my hands.

"Oh my sister has her." I point to the compartment next to us, where a skinny girl held two cats in her arms. 

"Oh why does she have them?" Marigold held her owl cage from next to her feet and so did Jasmine.

"She insisted, since she is a 5th year and she knows so much about Hogwarts." I turn back to them 

"Anyways, I think we are almost there so we should probably get changed."

They all stood up and gathered their robes.

"See you soon Hayley." they each waved me goodbye.

"Aren't you coming Hayley?" Jasmine held the door open for me but I shook my head.

"No I already got changed." I open my coat to show her.

"Oh ok." she let the door slam.

From then on, I sat in silence until the conductor spoke loudly.

"Welcome to Hogwarts."






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