Taskete and Mamoru: Spirits of wild

First year student Tamaki (Taki) Onorime has a history of being bullied. However, when she has a chance encounter with new student Mamoru Komatsuki, they become best friends as they go on a wild journey, while helping one another in fending off their troubles.

Another first year student, Tora, is in love with his childhood friend and will do anything to protect his fellow classmates. Join me on an adventure of trust, friendship, and love as these characters are blessed with The Spirits of Wild.

*I do not condone any violent, or sexual acts based upon events in this story.
**Any events, people, or companies/corporations in this story that resemble real life scenarios, people, or companies/corporations are purely coincidental, and are not meant to be observed as offensive, or in any way rude or disrespectful.


1. Taki Onorime- The Man at The Door

    Walking home from school today my first thought was, "I hope they don't try and steal from me again…" Now, you might be wondering why that is, but you'll figure that out later, and I have other matters to discuss. First off, my name is Takami Onorime, but I go by Taki. Second, I am a first year at Nakamura Highschool and I have lived in this town since Primary School. It has never been easy making friends, but in some way or another I managed. My three closest friends are Miika, Sanji, and Tora. Miika I've known for three years, Tora for four, and Sanji for six. Although I could bore you with more information about me, I think I'll let you figure the rest out throughout the story.




    So I'm walking to my apartment door and I notice this guy. Tall, light brown hair, lean, and only a little intimidating looking. I am fairly certain he followed me home, so I start to get my keys and try to unlock my door as quickly as possible. As the door won't budge, I start to turn and walk to go to my friends house, which happens to be nearby. This door problem has happened on several occasions, so it isn't an unusual occurrence for me to show up unannounced and spend the night.


    The man stopped at the apartment door next to mine, which, to my knowledge, has been vacant for several years. He pulls something out of his athletic short pocket, his keys. My eyes then lock on to a very shiny, very sharp looking pocket knife, and I immediately start backing away.


    He looks up with a very worried expression and notices what I'm looking at. "Oh! that's just a gift. I don't use it. In fact, I've never used it…" He continued talking for a while longer and I started to zone-out. I later realized that he was still talking and started to listen again,"… And I'm new here, and-- You must be my new neighbor!!!" he finished saying. "um… yeah…" I muttered quietly as I started for my door again. This guy is Way too cheery, I thought.


    "Well that's no way to treat your new neighbor," he said as he patted my head, stopping me before I could attempt the door handle. Great,​ another person mistaking me for a child, I thought. I'm a sixteen year old in highschool, in case you were wondering. 


    "Um, I'm sixteen," I said.

"Oh… I-I'm so sorry. Please come in for dinner as an apology." 

"Um… I have homework, and I have to change, but after then, I would appreciate that."

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'll just need an hour or so to finish getting ready," I said.

"Okay," he said,"Do you need help with your door?" he asked.

"Yeah, could you?"

"Of course," he replied,"I move fairly often and have lived in a lot of apartments with various problems, which resulted in me having learned quite a few skills," he said as he started to pick the lock on my door, "so if you ever need help, you can always ask."


    We talked for the next fifteen minutes or so while he worked on getting the door open. We talked about cars, construction equipment, as well as quite a few other topics. Including, but not limited to: food, business, and games. When he got the door open I thanked him for helping me and told him when I'd be stopping by.


    I went to my room and started toward my closet to look for an outfit to wear, but nothing fit my mood. I then sat in my room doing my homework while wearing my pajamas. After finishing my homework I drank tea while waiting for my laundry to be done. I hope there is something for me to wear out of these clothes, I thought as i put my clothes away.


    "Perfect!" I returned to my bedroom to change into my clothes. A pair of jean shorts and a plain purple t-shirt. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and looked at the clock. I have 20 minutes, i thought, I'll go get takeout as a "thank you" for his helping me.


    I hopped on my bike and sped over to my usual restaurant, ordered the food, and sat at one of the tables while waiting. I let my mind wander and a familiar figure soon walked up to the counter. It's him, I thought. It looks like we had the same idea, order food and bring it back to his house. I guess I was staring for a long time, because he looked over and waved. He walked over and asked to take a seat. 


    "So I guess we thought the same thing," he said.

"Yeah, I guess so"

"Order up!" said the chef.

"That'll be my order."

"I could pay for it."

"Actually, I was going to bring it over and share, as a thank you for helping me earlier"

"Oh, well I was going to share mine with you as an apology"

"I guess we really did have similar ideas." I said.

"I guess so," he said. We got our orders and started back towards his place. It started to rain, so I put our food in my basket and we rode home with him standing on the back of my bike. 


    As we got back to the apartments we were both soaked. "Oh crap! The food!" I said. We both cringed as the content of the boxes was revealed, but to my surprise, the food was fine.


    "See nothing to worry about," he said,"We could've ordered something else if it had gotten ruined."

"I know, I just didn't want to waste money and good food."

"Seeing as we both ordered for two people, I guess we have too much…"

"I have a few friends that live nearby, would it be alright if I invited them over?"

"That would be great, I don't know many people around here yet and I could use some friends."

"Awesome. I'll go call them and see if they can come."

"Cool, and i'll go prepare the food on plates and stuff," he said as he took the bag of food.


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