Taskete and Mamoru: Spirits of wild

First year student Tamaki (Taki) Onorime has a history of being bullied. However, when she has a chance encounter with new student Mamoru Komatsuki, they become best friends as they go on a wild journey, while helping one another in fending off their troubles.

Another first year student, Tora, is in love with his childhood friend and will do anything to protect his fellow classmates. Join me on an adventure of trust, friendship, and love as these characters are blessed with The Spirits of Wild.

*I do not condone any violent, or sexual acts based upon events in this story.
**Any events, people, or companies/corporations in this story that resemble real life scenarios, people, or companies/corporations are purely coincidental, and are not meant to be observed as offensive, or in any way rude or disrespectful.


3. Taki Onorime- School and Stuff

          "Taki relax. That dream you had last night didn't mean anything," said Miika while she rushed to finish her homework.

     "Are you sure?" I asked unconvinced, "I mean, dreams like that don't happen for no reason."

     "I'm sure, and you'll find out once new years comes around anyway," she said in a sing-songy tone. Sometimes when she does that weird sing-songy thing, it really creeps me out. Like now.

     "Yay, I can hardly wai-"

     "Okay class, take your seats," said Mrs. Takehashi, "We have a new student today."

     The voices in the room dropped immediately to a whisper. That definitely sparked some excitement, I thought as students mumbled excitedly to one another. After all, we don't just get new students in the middle of the first semester. As I sat listening to the students, I heard some whispers of curiosity, some of confusion, and also a few whispers of suspicion. When I saw Mamoru enter the room, he looked worried. He glanced around the room and saw me, and then looked relieved.

    "Would you please introduce yourself?" asked Mrs. Takehashi.

    "Yes, my name is Mamoru Komatsuki, and It's nice to meet all of you."

    "Alright, Mr. Komatsuki, would you please take a seat in the back next to Mrs. Onorime and Mr. Nagasaki?"

    He came over and smiled, plopped next to me, and opened a book. 

    "Really? Mercy Nacson and the O'Tillions," I teased.

    "What. It's a really good book," he said as I shook my head and gave him a disapproving look, "You can't tell me that being the daughter of an ocean spirit wouldn't be cool." he finished.

     "Alright, It would be pretty cool, I'll give you that," I said, "Although, we should probably stop talking. The teacher is giving us the evil eye."

      "We should, but I'm pretty sure I learn more from these books than I do from her history lessons, and you're supposed to learn in school, right?"

     "Do you two have something to share with the class?" asked            Mrs. Takehashi.

      "No ma'am," Mamoru and I said at the same time, trying to wipe the smiles off our faces, and not doing a good job of it.

     "Then I see no reason for you to not be paying attention," she said leaving no room for argument.

     "Yes ma'am," we said in unison again. Okay, once is a coincidence, but twice? That's a little weird, I thought.



     After the bell rang to dismiss school, I headed over to my locker. In the past I've had trouble with bullies, but for the past week I haven't had any trouble. I looked around to make sure there weren't any trouble makers around. There weren't any today, I guess I'm lucky again, I thought nervously. I went to my locker and was about to close it when I heard their voices. Treznor Delarosa and Viscgardi Heliot, they're both exchange students from italy.

    Treznor Delarosa is a tall, slender second year, has long black stringy hair, and wears only black leather skinny jeans and scoop neck shirts. Viscgardi Heliot is a medium height third year, is very muscular, has shaggy brown hair, and wears baggy jeans and shirts that are much too tight. They advance toward me.

     I forgot my hand on my locker door and looked for a way to leave, but they blocked my path. "hey, got any money for me?" Treznor said as he pushed me against my locker door. I dropped my books and tried to leave again but Viscgardi grabbed my arms from behind and pinned them to my back, being sure to twist my wrist. "I bet she does, she always has something," he said.

      Viscgardi kept his grip tight as Treznor proceeded to try and hurt me. I smacked the back of my head into Viscgardi and felt a crunch where his nose would be. His grip gave as his hands flew to his nose when it started to bleed.

      I attempted to hit Treznor in the eye before he tackled me to the floor, but I missed. I hit my head which caused my vision to go blurry, and blacken. Eventually, although the room was spinning and I was seeing doubles, I regained my vision, and that was good enough for me. Treznor took out his pocket knife, "Fine, you won't give us our pay? I guess playtime is over." Not again, please not again, I thought trembling with fear.

    After he said this, I noticed that he had left his bottom half completely unguarded. I kneed him in an unholy place, causing him to double over in pain. The knife skittered across the floor, but neither of them noticed. Treznor was... distracted, and Viscgardi was drying up his bloody nose.

    Viscgardi's nose seemed to stop bleeding and he went to help Treznor off the floor. While Treznor was getting up, I tripped Viscgardi which caused both of them to topple over one another. I took this chance to grab my stuff and run for it.

      Through my dizziness from being tackled, I sprinted, or rather stumbled quickly, up one flight of stairs and halfway down a hall. Tora came out of the classroom nearest to me and I collapsed into his arms, books sprawling across the floor. "Oh my god. Miika! Mamoru!" Tora shouted as he held me. I saw six figures running down the hallway. Three of them were Miika and the other three were Mamoru, both still in their gym clothes from the last class period.

      "Mamoru, I need you to help me take her to the nurses station. Miika, I need you to carry her books, and find Mrs. Hinori, go as quickly as possible," said Tora frantically. They started lifting me, and I tried to help by  carrying as much of my weight as possible.


      Once we got to the nurses station, they set me down on the bed, and all got chairs to sit. Mrs. Hinori came over with a clipboard, "Hello Taki, do you feel comfortable telling me what happened?"

      "Not really, but you need to know," I said reluctantly.

      I recited what had happened and what I remembered. They all stared in disbelief as I finished my story. Mrs. Hinori kept her pen moving and eyes glued to her clipboard, occasionally asking me questions like, "and after that did you have any dizziness or nausea?" or, " And did that cause any shaking?"

      "Alright, I'm going to give a copy of this report to the principle. This has gone too far," she said while she went to the other room to copy the form.

    "I agree," said Miika while she paced around the room fretfully, "This is the third time this month, the principle needs to kno-"

     "The third time this month?!?" said Mamoru standing up, with his voice rising, "We don't need the principle, we need to go to the police! This can't happen anymore. Not to anyone, in this school or anywhere else!" Mamoru said sitting back down, still fuming.

    Mrs. Hinori must've overheard our conversation because she came back with three copies of the paper, instead of two. She handed us one and kept the other two. She told us to go to the police station right away, and if they give us any problems have them call the phone numbers on the paper.

      "If you want to change into something else, I have an extra pair of pants in my backpack," said Miika.

    I looked down at my clothes. There was a tear on my shirt and my skirt had blood on it, probably from Viscgardi's nose.

    "I would like that," I said gratefully.

    "And I have a jacket you can borrow," said Mamoru holding out his jacket to me.

    "Thank you," I said taking the jacket and going to change into Miika's pants.

     After I was done changing, we left school and went to the police department. Thankfully they didn't give us any trouble and took the form right away. "We'll come to her house and talk about it in the next few days," the officer said,"and if any of you want to be there too, you are welcome, with the permission of Mrs. Onorime."

     I looked toward the sun, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. For a moment I forgot all of todays events. I forgot all the bad times, and only remembered the good. I opened my eyes and noticed the leaves. They're just beginning to change, and there is a chill in the air that reminds me of spring time when flowers are beginning to bloom.

     My parents had both managed to come home from their work abroad during the same weekend. It was springtime. Since this rarely happened, I spent as much time as I could with them. They wanted to celebrate our families reunion and took us to the new ice cream shop "Sakura's Sweets". The group was walking past and I couldn't help but stop and remember that time. Tora must have noticed because he said,"We're getting ice cream and it's on me!"

      "I don't have any objections to this," said Mamoru thoroughly enjoying his treat.

      "I don't think anyone does," said Tora,"but since sanji isn't here, shouldn't we get him some?"

        "We probably should, he doesn't like being left out." said Miika,"I could bring it to his house because I'm delivering homework papers to him anyway."

     "Well, since we're all in the same class I could call him and ask if we could have a study group," said Tora, "We could bring it over then."

      "Yeah, lets do that," said Miika.

       We bought Sanji's ice cream and headed over to his house. It wasn't that far, so we started walking. By the time we got to Sanji's house it was nearly four o'clock. A lot of time must have passed from being in the nurses station, then the police department.

     Just thinking about the days events made my head throb in pain, causing me to lose my balance. I stumbled a little bit, but soon regained my balance with the help of mamoru who caught me on my elbow. He helped steady me, "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked with concern written on his face. "Yeah, it's nothing," I said, lying unconvincingly. "...Alright. Just be careful, and if you need anything, just ask," he said.

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