Taskete and Mamoru: Spirits of wild

First year student Tamaki (Taki) Onorime has a history of being bullied. However, when she has a chance encounter with new student Mamoru Komatsuki, they become best friends as they go on a wild journey, while helping one another in fending off their troubles.

Another first year student, Tora, is in love with his childhood friend and will do anything to protect his fellow classmates. Join me on an adventure of trust, friendship, and love as these characters are blessed with The Spirits of Wild.

*I do not condone any violent, or sexual acts based upon events in this story.
**Any events, people, or companies/corporations in this story that resemble real life scenarios, people, or companies/corporations are purely coincidental, and are not meant to be observed as offensive, or in any way rude or disrespectful.


6. Taki Onorime- A Day to Remember



     Mamoru and I are in the woods, back by the pond. This time it's summer, and we're on a class trip. We'd been gone a while, so we headed back to the ocean to meet up with the class. There was a small building connected to a dock on my left, and a dozen or so huts along various other docks as well.

     I spotted two somewhat familiar guys and started walking towards them. We were looking for someone else, a friend, who had gone missing, so we all turned into birds and flew away, looking for the person. After flying for a while we landed in a grungy parking lot, in front of a beaten up apartment.

     I went through the front door and happened upon two men causing me to get a headache, and I turned into a polar bear. The first one was tall, lanky, and had long, black, stringy hair. The other one was way too muscular, with a shirt that was much too small. Seeing them made me shrink back, but then feel a surge of anger and I lunged forward. Mamoru stepped in front of me, now a black bear, blocking my path and preventing me from attacking.

     The dream quickly began growing distant, and I started to wake.



     I woke to see a very tired Mamoru slumped against my bed-side sleeping. I looked at my nightstand and saw a glass of water and a note explaining what had happened yesterday and that I wouldn't be going to school today. I took a sip of water and climbed out of bed, careful not to disturb Mamoru. 

     Today I feel like wearing a dress. Feeling content, I got my clothes and went to the bathroom to change. I pull on a white dress, with cherry blossoms on it, that flares at the bottom. It has lace trimmings on the edges and a scoop neck with short sleeves. I brush my hair and put it up into a pony tail, letting a few bits of hair fall to frame my face.

      I leave the bathroom and find Mamoru cooking breakfast.

    "Good morning, I hope you don't mind my falling asleep here, I won't do it again, and I didn't try anything funny." he said frantically.

    "It's okay, I trust you, besides, you were passed out on the floor and it didn't look like you had been doing anything but sleeping. You looked really tired."

    "How are you feeling today?" he asked.

    "Pretty good, why? Is something happening?"

    "Yes, and good. I'm taking you on an adventure."

    "Wait, what?"

    "I already called in sick at school today, and I'm not leaving you after what happened yesterday," he said,"I'm taking you to a series of places today, then if we have time, I'll take you to a surprise destination. It's one of my favorite places."

     "Well my day seems to be a surprise already, but when will we be leaving," I asked.

      "After breakfast," he stated.

     I ate my food, got my shoes, and headed out the door. We started walking to the train station and boarded, sitting in the back next to an elderly couple. I looked to the left out the window and recognized some of the buildings going past. After a few moments I realized that I had been remembering faces, but that stopped upon my realization of its occurance.

      "This morning a few friends gave me a list of a few places that you had gone with them, hoping you would regain your memory," he said,"so I'm going to take you to these places and then at the end I thought that maybe we could do something just for fun."

      I looked at him and felt a little relieved to at least know what I'll be doing for the next several hours. "Thank you for doing this. I appreciate you going through the trouble to make all this happen." I said as I went back to looking out the window, letting my mind wander. Questions popped into my head and then faded, only making room for more questions. 

       It wasn't long before the train pulled into the station, Mamoru picked up his bag, and we exited. I realized that we were in the entertainment part of a nearby city. We walked down the street for a ways and ducked into a small shop. The front room smelled of old books and cinnamon, causing a smile to form on my lips. I know this place. A sense of nostalgia overcame me as I sat in a seat behind a coffee table.

    A small old woman, wearing a kimono, came out from behind a counter and smiled. "Mrs. Onorime, how nice to see you again. I'm glad you came, I just finished making some cinnamon rolls." Her eyes crinkled as she returned to the kitchen to fetch some.

     I looked at Mamoru with some confusion as he begun to explain,"That was Miika's grandmother, Mrs. Kaguri-san, and Miika is one of your best friends. Miika said you used to come here a lot and have sleep overs," he finished as Mrs. Kaguri returned with two warm cinnamon rolls.

    "Here you go. Please, enjoy them," she kindly offered.

    "Thank you Mrs. Kaguri-san, I will." I replied.

    "And who might you be, young man?" she asked with a smile.

    "Hello, I'm Mamoru Komatsuki, a friend of Taki's and Miika's," he said.

     "Why it is very nice to meet another friend of my Miika. Come with me, I have some tea and cakes I would like to give you." she said.

     We followed her into the back and she handed us a plate of treats, and two cups of hot sweet tea. Mamoru took the treats, thanking her for them, and put them in his bag. We enjoyed the tea while having a conversation with her about the local superstition of special healing properties in her tea.

     "Thank you for your hospitality and the food, but we should get going," said Mamoru.

    "Alright, thank you for stopping by, have a nice day you two," she said.

     We walked to the station and boarded the train again. We arrived in a small town near some mountains and went towards the older portion of the village. There was a tall staircase made of stone that we then ascended.

      When we arrived at the top, there was a series of small shrines and a large stone courtyard. Off to the side were a few garden paths and balconies overlooking the valley below. We walked along for a while and stopped at one of the balconies.

      "This place would be perfect for a New Years' festival," I said absentmindedly.

     "You're right, It would be great," he replied,"would you like to walk around some more or do you want to go get some food?"

     "Well, it's lunch time and I am starting to get a bit hungry. I think we should head back and get some food," I said. 

      We went back down the staircase and headed back into the village. From there we walked down the streets and stopped at a little restaurant. It was old fashioned and sold traditional Japanese dishes as well as modern ones too. I immediately went to the noodle section of the menu and saw my favorite meal, ramen. When we got our food I devoured it without a second thought.

      We then returned to the train went to our next stop, the Indoor Fujiyama Amusement Park.

      "Hey, isn't this the amusement park that the class... went... to..." I trailed off.

     "Do you remember something?" he asked.

     "I thought I did, but I guess not..." I replied bewildered. I started walking towards the first ride, "Aqua Thunder", which usually reminds me a bit more of a lazy river rather than a scary, tidal wave, boat ride. However, we went on it anyway and returned soaked from head to toe.

     "I should've expected this..." I said.

    "Don't worry, I knew where we were going today, so I packed an extra outfit for both of us," he reassured.

    "Oh, thank you."

    "No problem."

     We went on a few more water rides then went toward the dry rides. I headed to the bathrooms and changed into the outfit he picked out and I was surprised to find a white floral short sleeve with my favorite pair of shorts. I hadn't been expecting an outfit like this one, but I guess he has fairly good taste.

      I returned to our meeting spot and we headed to the first roller-coaster. It was a looptie-loop that went through "caves" and over the people waiting in line. After that we went to a few other roller-coasters and decided to end our evening on the ferris wheel.

      We got into the cart and sat down. As they started to load other passengers, I noticed that the sun was starting to set, and I began a conversation with Mamoru.

       "So why again did you do this for me?" I asked.

      "It was mostly to help you regain parts of your memory, which didn't seem to work, but I had fun," he said,"The other part was because you seem like a really cool person, and I wanted to hang out with you more."

      "Thank you. I appreciate that."

      As I processed what he said, the wheel lurched forward and started rotating. We made a full revolution and approached the glass ceiling peeking out over the roof. Mamoru quickly unpacked the sweets from Mrs. Kaguri-san and handed me one. You could see just over the building to the city outside, with the glimmering of a river reflecting the sunset in the distance.

     Mamoru got quiet and looked at the horizon, with a somber, yet peaceful, expression on his face. Spoken in a hushed tone, as if not to end the moment, he breathed,"This is my favorite place. I wanted to share it with you, and make a new memory, like the ones you've made with your other friends...

     It just so happens that today is my parents wedding anniversary, and when I was little my family moved to the United States. Before that, however, my mom and dad would take me up here. We came here on their anniversary every year, before she passed away... This is where my parents came on their first date, and they always came back, like they couldn't stay away.

     For my birthday, the last one before we moved, she took me here again and brought lemon cakes, like the ones we have right now. She didn't know when we would be returning from the United States, so she wanted the last occasion we shared to be somewhere special. I will always be grateful for her last gift to me, and I will never forget her.

      She joined the American Army, but died in service, with two purple hearts. She earned a badge of honor for what she did to save her brothers and sisters in arms. I never believed that she had passed, and I always hoped that she'd come back home, but she never did. But I think that I can come to terms knowing that she's safe now.

      I will always honor her memory by thinking of the good times we shared, and I'll keep it alive by honoring the tradition my parents upheld for so long. She was a wonderful and kind woman, and she's more at peace now than she was before..."

      I glanced at him, surprised, but glad, that he had shared with me something so personal, then I returned my gaze to the outside. I looked at the sun, now only a sliver on the horizon, and enjoyed the sunset.

     We sat in a peaceful silence the rest of the ride, enjoying our lemon cakes, and looked out the window as we passed by. The clouds turned fiery red and gold as the sun disappeared from view, and the Autumn trees mirrored the sky, painting a beautiful mirage of colors and hues.

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