Taskete and Mamoru: Spirits of wild

First year student Tamaki (Taki) Onorime has a history of being bullied. However, when she has a chance encounter with new student Mamoru Komatsuki, they become best friends as they go on a wild journey, while helping one another in fending off their troubles.

Another first year student, Tora, is in love with his childhood friend and will do anything to protect his fellow classmates. Join me on an adventure of trust, friendship, and love as these characters are blessed with The Spirits of Wild.

*I do not condone any violent, or sexual acts based upon events in this story.
**Any events, people, or companies/corporations in this story that resemble real life scenarios, people, or companies/corporations are purely coincidental, and are not meant to be observed as offensive, or in any way rude or disrespectful.


2. Mamoru Komatsuki- The New Kid




    Hi, I'm Mamoru Komatsuki. I'm a new student at Nakamura Highschool and I just moved to this town. I live alone because my father is always working abroad, but he wants me to live close to where he is working at the time. Because of that I'm generally only staying in the same city from only a few weeks to a few months at a time. 


    Not many people know this, but my father is the CEO of Komatsuki International Trade and Imports. This means that he is always traveling over seas and goes on work meetings in other countries. I don't really have any friends because he takes me with him and I live alone because he's trying to teach me how to manage my money and expenses, which I appreciate, but sometimes living by myself can be lonely.


    Most people wouldn't expect a CEO who's always traveling to have a good relationship with his kid, but I love my dad. He's always trying to include me in what he does and supports my decisions. He's level headed and listens to what I have to say, which I think is pretty cool. And he doesn't fly off the handle, is stern when he needs to be, and doesn't let me get away with bad stuff, which I like. He gives me discipline.



    So I'm soaked to the skin. This is just great, I thought as I looked for clothes to wear for tonight. I entered my room… It's a mess. Well I don't have time to clean it up, so I'll just make this off limits, although I don't see why they would need to go in here anyway, I thought, Oh well. I continued to my closet and looked at my options. I knew I wouldn't be wearing my track suit, and definitely not my pajamas. Then I saw my jeans, black v-neck, and dog tags. I keep my dog tags with me like an Abuela keeps her rosary, I never leave home without them.


    I sat for a moment thinking about my mom. Although we’re from Japan we were living in The United States for a time. She used to be a well known pianist and singer, but she saw that the army needed help and thought she should join. She had earned two purple hearts and a medal of honor. But then their camp was fired upon during her sleeping shift. I remember my mom, her smile, her warm hugs, and her nicknames. I love her, and I miss her. She used to play piano and sing when I was scared or sad, and I would always feel better. "you're such a goober! My little monkey!" she would say. I was only twelve.


    The doorbell rang snapping me from the memories, I guess this will work, I thought. I practically flew around my room getting dressed. I ran as quickly as possible and whipped open the front door. I saw a tall, scary, muscular guy, a girl with short, bright red hair, and a slim looking guy with long platinum hair, and then there was… what was her name again? Great, invite four perfectly good strangers into your house, I thought. you don't know any of their names and met only one of them today. But, despite my better judgement, I invited them in anyway.


    "Hey," I said,"come on in." Everybody entered and took their seats around the table. "Where's the food," asked miss no name. Miss no name, I like that, I thought. "Oh, I'll go get it," I said as I rushed to the kitchen. Oookay, lets see if I can serve this food in ten seconds flat. I flew around the kitchen and got the food ready as quickly as possible. "What happened? Did you get swallowed by a toilet troll?" an unfamiliar voice said as I heard a lot of laughing in the other room. "I've got the food ready," I said,"and no, I didn't get swallowed  by a toilet troll, whatever unfortunate creature that is."

    I walked out with the food and sat next to miss no name. We all started to dig in, and didn't talk the first five minutes of the meal, because it was so good.

"Thank you for the meal," the scary looking one said.

"You're welcome," miss no name and I said in unison. That was a little weird, I thought.

"So I never got your name," said miss no name.

"That's what I forgot! My name is Mamoru Komatsuki, and it's nice to meet all of you," I said, "what's your name again?" I said returning the question.

"I guess I forgot to tell you," said miss no name, "my name is Tamaki Onorime, but you can call me Taki, everyone does." said Taki.

"....Like the food?" I asked.

"Yeah, the story behind the nickname is really funny. We were at the new years' festival last year and--" the scary looking one said as Taki cut him off.

"Please not that story Tora-"

"Oh come on Taki, it isn't that bad," said the red headed one.

"I'm curious now, can I hear it?" I asked.

"…Alright, but only because Miika convinced me," said Taki. I guess that must be the red-head, I thought.

"Yesss!" Miika exclaimed, "Alright so…"


    So last year Taki, Miika, Tora, and the slim guy, Sanji I think, all went to the new years festival together. They were having fun and did the usual activities: checking out booths, playing games, when everyone in the group started running to go see the fireworks. They were passing the last few booths, and when they rounded the corner of the last booth, the first firework scared Taki so much that she ran into the owner of the last booth who was carrying boxes of taki to sell. When everyone stopped to help clean up, they couldn't help but laugh because Tamaki was covered in taki. Her name was so similar to taki that everyone just started to call her Taki instead of Tamaki.


    After I heard the story I burst out laughing,

"That's what you were scared of sharing?" I said.

"Well it's embarrassing. I ended up eating taki for a week because I had to buy it all," said Taki as her face turned as red as Miika's hair.

"Ok, it isn't bad, it's just a little funny is all…" I said.


    We all had a really good laugh about that for a while. I cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks and offered dessert. While I was cleaning up and getting the dessert ready, we started talking about activities we like to do. At school, after school, you know, stuff like that.


    "So what do you like to do," asked Sanji, which startled me because he hasn't talked yet tonight.

"I, well, I guess I don't know. I move often so I've never really had the chance to find out," I said somewhat sheepishly.

"Where do you go to school?" asked Miika.

"Well, I'm supposed to start school at Nakamura Highschool this monday, but I don't know a whole lot about it there," I said. The room got quiet and everyone just kind of looked at me.

    "You're going to our school?" said Tora in disbelief.

"Your school?" I said slightly confused.

"Yeah, we haven't had a transfer student in a long time. Since it's a small school, we don't normally get transfer students." said Miika.

"Well, it used to be small, but since they built the new campus, I guess there are more students each new term…" said Taki, "Although, normally students are required to wait till the new semester to start school, so it's a little weird to get a new student in the middle of the first semester."

"Oh, really? I guess they must've forgot that part," I said, clearly nervous, as I'm the son of a CEO.

"I guess so," Taki said.


    Phew, that was a close one, I thought. I don't really know what I would have done if they found out. But judging by their lack of suspicion, I don't think they'll find out for a while. I mean, don't get me wrong, they're good people, but I just met them and I don't know if I can trust them yet.


    At least I won't have to deal with being the new kid and have to find friends the first day of school again. That's one of the things I don't like about being the kid of the CEO of one of the largest companies in Japan. You're always moving, and it's hard to keep in touch with the few friends you do make. But on the bright side, I do have friends all over the world, and I can speak more languages than just Japanese and English.


    "Well, we better get going. It's getting late, but we can always meet up another time," said Taki.

"Okay, I'll see you guys sometime soon then?"

"Yup!" Yipped Miika.

"Yeah man, anytime,"said Tora.

"Of course," Sanji murmured politely.

"Yeah, I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for inviting us over Komatsuki," Taki said.

"You're welcome Onorime. And you can call me Mamoru if you want." I said.

"Okay, I will. And you can call me Taki," she said.

"Alright, Taki…" I said, enjoying the fact I've made a new friend already,"Have a nice evening you guys."

"You too," said Taki.

"Bye," said Miika.

"Bye man," said Tora.

"Thank you for the food," whispered Sanji.


    I washed the dishes then went to bed. I was really tired and wasn't used to that much excitement, so I slept really well. I even dreamt something, which is pretty uncommon for me. Want me to tell you? Oh well, I'm telling you anyway. It was really cool so you probably won't mind.




    It was snowing out and everyone around me was dressed in their nicest outfits, whether it be a business suit or a Kimono. I was walking up a pathway with lots of stairs and it was really steep so it hurt my feet. It appeared to be new years, and I was with a group of people. It was the people I had over for dinner today.


    We got to the top of the path and I saw a shrine. We were looking at the view of the town for a while and the group then soon dispersed. Only Taki and I were left so we walked up to the shrine together and got ready to make our wishes. When I was ready I put my hands together and closed my eyes. I started to feel frustrated, sad, and I felt like I wanted to do something, or make something right. I wanted to help, but I don't know what I wanted to help with. I felt almost angry, and I'm not sure why…


    I opened my eyes and unfolded my hands. I looked to my right and smiled at Taki as we rung the shrine bell together. But then Taki turned around and sprouted wings from her back and flew away. Then I ran and jumped trying to get to her, and I felt myself lifting off the ground as well.

I caught up to her and she took me by the hand, which I don't know how to feel about, as I only met her today. Or was it yesterday… Anyway. We flew until we got to the ocean and we did a nose-dive into the ocean. She smiled just before we hit the water, and I didn't feel scared anymore.


    As I felt the water cover my body, I could feel my skin changing. I looked behind me and I had a tail, like a full on mer-person tail. It was black as obsidian, had white tips, and shimmered with rainbow colors. I looked over and Taki was a mer-person too, but her tail was the opposite of mine. Her tail was whiter than the first snow, had black tips darker than night, and shimmered with rainbow colors too.


    We swam along some more and got to a beach. There were some woods nearby and we got out of the water and dried off. "Watch this," she said as she turned into a giant white wolf. Her fur had the same rainbow effect as the tail from before, but this time it was her paws and muzzle that were black. She lumbered off into the forest and I started sprinting to catch up with her. When I did, apparently it was time for us to take a water break, so I went over the pond she was at and started to drink.


    When I looked at my reflection, I was confused for a while but then realized that I too had turn into a wolf. And like Taki, my colors were opposite of hers. My muzzle was white, while my fur was black and shimmered rainbow. She turned back into a human, and started to say something. But just before she could say it, I woke up…


    Okay, I'll admit, that dream is more confusing than I originally had told you. However, you have to agree that it's pretty cool. I mean, turning into a bird person thing, to a mer-person thing, to a GIANT WOLF?!? If you ask me, I think that is pretty freaking awesome.

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