Taskete and Mamoru: Spirits of wild

First year student Tamaki (Taki) Onorime has a history of being bullied. However, when she has a chance encounter with new student Mamoru Komatsuki, they become best friends as they go on a wild journey, while helping one another in fending off their troubles.

Another first year student, Tora, is in love with his childhood friend and will do anything to protect his fellow classmates. Join me on an adventure of trust, friendship, and love as these characters are blessed with The Spirits of Wild.

*I do not condone any violent, or sexual acts based upon events in this story.
**Any events, people, or companies/corporations in this story that resemble real life scenarios, people, or companies/corporations are purely coincidental, and are not meant to be observed as offensive, or in any way rude or disrespectful.


5. Mamoru Komatsuki- Sanji's house Pt. 2

       When we arrived at Sanji's house Tora knocked on the door, and after a bit of waiting, the door opened. After staring at each other for quite a while Tora broke the awkward silence.

     "Hey..." Tora said,"I brought you ice cream. It's your favorite flavor."

     "That was my idea," said Miika, but neither of them seemed to notice her input.

    "Th-thanks," Sanji said awkwardly. Once he noticed the rest of the groups' presence we were invited in. Tora practically skipped to the table as Sanji led us to the dining area. He seems to be in a good mood, I thought as we all sat down.

    We opened our books and started our homework, but glancing at the first few questions, I knew I would never understand it. But, nevertheless, I still tried. I asked a few questions concerning the homework and soon realized that my efforts were in vain, so I started doodling on my paper.

      I decided to draw Taki from my dream last night because it seemed like the thing to do, as I couldn't think of anything to draw. I noticed her staring and she went pale and started getting up.

    "Um, where's the bathroom?" she asked.

    "Down the hall to the left," said Miika. She must've been here before because she talks as though she lives here.

     She got up and nearly ran to the bathroom, looking somewhat green. I put my stuff in my bag and got up to check on her. As I shouldered my bag, she slowly came down the hall, looking greener than she did when she left. She went back to the table and put her stuff away, hardly paying attention to what she was doing.

    "Taki, Taki. Taki," Miika repeated trying to get Taki's attention. She shifted her gaze, and gave a look of befuddlement to Miika, seemingly in a daze.  "Where are you going?" Miika questioned confusedly.

     "I'm... going to go home... I don't feel well..." she mumbled, which was believable.

      "Okay, I hope you feel better," Miika said, to which Taki didn't seem to hear.

    "I can go home with you," Sanji offered to Taki.

    "It's okay, I'll go," I said,"I'm done with my homework already anyway."

    "Alright, goodbye." Taki sighed still out of it, which is really starting to worry me. "When did these shoes get here? I don't remember shoes..." her voice trailed away, setting off all of my warning signals.

     "C'mon Taki, I'm carrying you home,"I said as she reluctantly climbed on my back.

     I took her books and carried them in my bag as we started home. The sun was beginning to set, so I tried walking faster. Along the way I started a conversation with her, giving us something to do to for a while. I was talking for a few minutes when I heard hushed, even breaths. Her head rested against my shoulder, and I smiled as I realized that Taki had fallen asleep.

     We reached her apartment and I set her down on her couch. The way she's been acting since Sanji's house is really starting to worry me, so I call my family doctor. They arrived a few minutes after my call. I opened the door before he was even able to ring the doorbell.

    "Please, come in," I closed the door and took him over to Taki. After looking over her, he turned to me,"You might want to wake her up. I will be able to give her a better checkup that way."

    "Okay," I walked over to her and shook her shoulder. She opened her eyes sleepily and rubbed her face.

    "Hello..." she murmured groggily as she looked at her surroundings,"Mamoru? How did I get here? Who's that person behind you?" She asked a million questions at once and hardly breathed in between. I exhaled a sigh of relief when she said my name. Her memory had been so poor today that I was worried that she had forgotten me.

    I told her what happened and who the person behind me was. She didn't seem to remember anything about the days events, because she gave me a confused look when I mentioned Sanji's house. His name didn't even seem to ring a bell with her. 

     The doctor walked over to me and asked me if anything had recently happened that was traumatic or could cause injuries. I immediately thought back to the nurses station. The doctor must've noticed my expression because he asked me to tell him what it was that I thought about. He said that anything could help.

      I told him what Taki had told us as we were at the nurses station, then what had happened at Sanji's house. He then turned to Taki and asked,"Do you remember any of these events Miss Onorime?"

    "No, I'm sorry, I don't." she said bewildered,"But I do remember you, or at least your name and face." she directed towards me.

    "The combination of hitting her head, and the events that followed must have overwhelmed her causing her to forget quite a bit of stuff. She'll need plenty of rest. And don't worry, she'll regain her memory soon enough," the doctor assured. He turned on his heel and walked out the door.

     "Thank you for your help Mr. Yakashima!" I called after him.


     After asking Taki if she needed anything, and her telling me she's fine, I sat on the couch next to her, playing with a loose string on my shirt. We sat in silence for a while when she turned towards me and said,"I actually do remember more than just your name and face."

       I opened my mouth to ask what else she remembered, but she continued without a pause. "There's this dream that's been on my mind. You were in it, as well as some others, but you seemed to be special. There was something about the dream... we... we were flying. Then... I think we were swimming, and the last thing I remember is running with you in the woods. But there was something I needed to tell you... something really important..."

    When she said that I immediately knew why she rushed off to the bathroom at Sanji's. I knew exactly how she was overwhelmed. I bent over and rested my face in my palms. That's impossible, I thought. That couldn't really happen, not in real life.

     "Are you alright?" asked Taki as she noticed my concern.

     "Yeah, I just realized something..." I said.

     "Do you want to talk about it?"

     "Well, the dream you just talked about? I think I had it too... but the dream was from my point of view. It all matches up perfectly with mine... Is that weird?"

     "I don't really know..." she said. She grabbed her head, collapsing to the floor, and started to yell in pain.

    "Are you alright? Taki?" I knelt beside her and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders. Her hands started to relax, and just as I thought she was going to get up, she passed out. I picked her up in my arms and carried her until I found her bedroom.

     Once I found it, I laid her down as gently as possible. I went to the kitchen and got her some water for when she woke up, then put it on her nightstand. I returned to the kitchen and made us some dinner, putting hers in the fridge once it was done. I wonder why she remembers only me... I thought, we just met this past week. It's kind of weird that she doesn't remember any of her friends, even the ones that she's known for years. It doesn't make sense... Oh well, there isn't much I can do about it anyway. I just hope she gets better soon.

    I went home, changed into my pajamas, and put my homework away. I called the school and let them know that Taki Onorime will be absent tomorrow, I am not leaving her alone the way she is, I thought. I went back to Taki's place and checked in on her.

     Entering her room I noticed that I had forgotten to put the covers on her. I walked over as my eyes grew heavy, and pulled the blankets over her. Sitting on the floor I set the alarm on my watch so I wasn't late for school. I looked up at Taki's face and listened to her breathing. Soon being lulled to sleep by her even breaths, I drifted off into another dream.

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