Random blobs of words from my mind


6. Weights

There were weights to Addy's world. Just as their was weights to balloons. At last she must stop somewhere. She must eat with her family. She must drink water or suffer death. Death was a weight. Water was a weight. Food was a weight. Asthma was a weight. School was a weight. Cheer was a weight. To be free of these weights she ran. But, she could never be free of the weights. They had to catch up with her. Her hunger mad her need food. Food was not a weight, hunger was. Her body needed water, water was not the weight, her body was. Her breathing caused her asthma, asthma was not the weight, her breathing was. To become something she needed knowledge, so she needed school. School was not a weight, a future was. Cheer made her need to make a commitment. Cheer was not a weight, the commitment was. All the weights of the world came back to her brain. A balloon has no weights, only a physical one. Addy had weights dragging her down. Running could lift the weights for a only a limited time.

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