Random blobs of words from my mind


13. Talents

Some people are good at sports. Others are good at school. Addy is good at neither. She thinks you can never be good, bad, or great. You can never have talent. You can never be born great at something. You can be born flexible, but you are not born to dance. Talents are lies we tell ourseles. We want to feel accomplished by being good at something. No one is good at anything. There is no definition for good. Addy may think good is passsing by and Bob may think good is always winning. There is no pure definition of god. Therefore, there is no pure definition of talent. It is something to give you self bigger ego. You may be good in your eyes. If you approve of yourself, you are fine.You do not have to have talent. There is no such thing as talent.




I know the chapters are short. Can you tell me what you guys think?

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