Random blobs of words from my mind


5. Somewhere

There is always a somewhere, a place to be. Why not just live life and let yourself be free? Addy ran to nowhere. She had no place to be. Just kept running to somewhere. Where is that somewhere? The end of where she was running. Then she would breathe at that somewhere. Then, she would get up and go to another somewhere. The butterflies did not no where the somewhere would be. Neither did the balloons. It just went until it could not anymore. Then it stopped. and died. Addy ran until she could no more then she could take a break and run somewhere else. The balloon could not, the world would kill it. The butterfly could if it were smart. Addy would run to another somewhere. Stay at nowhere and arrive at a somewhere. Addy could do that. Addy was free. She had no somewhere to be.

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