Random blobs of words from my mind


10. Pictures

Pictures tell a story. Addy does not like to share her story, she has no pictures. they show what is happening. but, they can also be thought of as something way off from the reality. They do not have words to give a play by play. Red eyed can be tears of saddness or enjoyment. No one will know without words. But, pictures are easier than words. They are there is snap. Or atleast to modern day people. They used to take forever to be devloped. You might not even remeer the expression. They tell a story, but you cannot remeber all the time what that story is. The person who took the picture might think of something that is not like what it is. Let alone others who were not there when you snapped the pictures. A smile could mean a thousand things. It could be just a strong person trying to hide their inner feelings. A picture does not teach you anything. They tell a fake story. One that can lead the interpreter down any path.

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