Random blobs of words from my mind


9. Money

According to everyone, money does not buy happiness. Well to have anything you must have money. In our world the healthy food cost more than the junk food. School costs money, we pay by taxes. We pay for balloons. We pay for most things that are weights to be lifted. But, some we pay to be put on us. Grass does not cost money. But, it does. we have to pay to put it there if is not natrual. We have to pay for water if we are in a drought. We pay for everything. We pay for our own bodies to be healed if we can not heal them ourselves. But, if we are suffering, we are suffering for a reason. those who are always there that we do not see, want us to see them. Addy does not think we should pay to fix ourselves. If those who we do not see want to meet us sooner they will not fix us. If they do not they will fix us. Money cannot buy the spirits way. They do what they want. they chose if you live or if you die. Money does not.

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