Random blobs of words from my mind


11. Friends

Addy has no friends according to her. Just people who know where she is. Those are the people always watching. She talks to them, though they never reply. But, when you text real people they most likely will not reply. Talking to the people who do not respond but you knnow arethere, is better than talking to people you know are there but are not listening. When people pretend to listen it is like pretending to do homework. You do not get anything done. You just trick oyur mind. Even though, you really are not tricking anything. You are just being rude. riends will listen. They may not respond, but they will listen. They will comprehend you problems and try to help you. Friends will know when you are upset. They will always be there on your side to make you smile. To make you have a real smile, not the fake one in the pictures. If they are going to correct you they always will give you positives of what you are doing along with the negatives. They will not throw you  under the bus and have unrealistic expectations of you. They will guide you like a baby learning to walk. A freind will be there when you ask. If they are far away they will call you. They will drop everything to see what is wrong. That is a true friend. One that will be forever. Enough of this "Oh I'm your friend", then when I need you you are busy, but when you need money you call me. Friends do not provide each other money, they provide help. Addy thinks this is why she has no friends. She does not like to be used. Enough of the garbage, Addy wants a real friend, not someone who plays her like chess.

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