Random blobs of words from my mind


12. Candles

Candles come in different shapes and sizes. They remind Addy of her birthday. They smell really good. But, to Addy they have a meaning. They represent how quickly something goes. Such as, a friendship. If you light it, and use it as your only source of light, it will melt quickly. If you use some, then use the rest over a few months or years, it will last long. They represent presence of something else. They represent that when there is no light, there can be light. You do not need to depend on technology to live. there use to be no electricity. People lived on candles. That would be there light along with the sun. The sun one day will burn out. So will candles if we keep depending on electricity. We need to use the basics. Candles were once used for light. Now we use them for scent. One day when there is black out we will have no light except for the sun and candles. When the night falls, candles will be there. But, when they melt, you have no light left. When you use friends they melt away from you and leave. Another reason why Addy has no friends.

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