Hogwarts Is My Home


1. The Girl Who Lived

          In a small cottage in Godric's Hollow, there was no one except a baby girl named Aralynn Lily Potter. She was beautiful to all who beheld her, with long locks of red, and shining green eyes. The only strange part of her appearance was a thin scar on her forehead shaped like a bolt of lighting, a recent acquisition. She was crying, and her cries pierced the air so painfully that anyone who heard could not have helped but cry as well. Understandably, as her parents had

just been murdered by the most evil Dark Wizard of all time. 


          Suddenly, a cloaked figuremoved out of the shadows. Stepping over one of the bodies on the floor, it stopped, kneeling beside the second form that lay listless on the shining floor. The hood was thrown back, revealing a curtain of thick black hair framing a pale, sunken face with beady black eyes and a beaklike, protruding nose. The man remained beside the limp figure before he straightened again and crossed the room to where Aralynn lay in her crib, still crying. He scooped up the small bundle and hastened to leave, lingering only a moment to gaze down upon the figure that still lay sprawled across the floor.

          Once outside, he held the child tightly to his chest, turned on the spot and vanished. He reappeared before a tall iron gate that opened as he approached, and swung shut behind him. He set off at a brisk pace, toward an enormous, magnificent, gleaming castle against a starry night sky. Upon entering the man proceeded through the castle' s portrait and armour filled interior, coming to a halt before a large stone gargoyles. In a smooth, velvet voice he spoke. "Sugar Quills", as the gargoyles sprang to life and jumped aside, allowing him passage. He stepped up onto a moving staircase that carried him to a tall door bearing an eagle shaped knocker. Before he could say a word, however, a deep voice called "enter!", and the heavy door swung open with ease. 

          "Ah, Severus, back so soon?"

          "Albus, you know very well I did not wish to fetch the girl, I only did so because you asked it of me! " he snapped angrily. "You owe me for this favor!" 

          "But if course, Severus. Do inform me when you wish to reap the rewards of this last favor you have done for me. By the way, should you wish to visit young Aralynn, her quarters may be entered through my office." 

          "Why would I want to visit the brat, Albus? You know very well how I felt about her father!" 

          Albus inclined his head. "I know how you felt about her mother,  as well" he said quietly.

          "Very well, Albus. Know, however, that I shall do so purely for Lily' s sake, and it will not be said that I do not humor you in occasion. Goodbye."  

          "Good night,Severus." But Severus had already left.

          Albus turned to the sleeping bundle that lay on his desk, swaddled in a red and gold blanket. He chuckled quietly to himself as he lifted the baby into his arms. Brushing a lock of hair out of Aralynn' s face, his eyes locked on the scar on her small forehead, souvenir of a failed cures meant to kill her. Albus sighed, the usual twinkle gone from his bright blue eyes. He lay her down gently in a crib in the corner of his office, kissed her forehead, and whispered, "Sleep well, Aralynn Lily Potter".

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