Hogwarts Is My Home


2. Childhood Joy

       Childish laughter filled the corridor as a small, grinning figure ran through the crowds of students on their way to dinner. Red pigtails flying, Aralynn turnied a corner, slipped, and crashed into the wall opposite the Great Hall. Loud wailing quickly replaced the laughter and the sobbing four-year-old ran straight into the arms of her godfather and guardian, Albus Dumbledore. 

       "Shhh, its alright, you're fine" he soothed, stroking her hair fondly as Professor Minerva Mcgonagall approached them. She had a tall, thin figure and a stern face. Deputy Headmistress, Head of Gryffindor House, and Transfiguration teacher, she had a strict manner that was not meant to be crossed. Nevertheless, Professor Mcgonagall was a kind, motherly person and smiled warmly at Aralynn. 

       "Come here, dear" she said, extending her arms to the small girl. "its alright, you shall feel better in no time at all, I promise."

       Aralynn responded "Want Albus" and made her point by turning and burying her head in her guardian's chest. Minerva and Albus shared a quick smile before she left to break up a food fight on the other side of the room, disapproval obvious. 

       Minutes later, Aralynn st at the Gryffinor table talking to Bill Weasley, a third year student whom she had previously befriended along with his eleven-year-old brother Charlie. Her small head bounced gaily as she chattered, oblivious to the streaks of jam on her yellow sundress, or the chocolate smeared across her face. Beside her, eleven-year-old Nymphadora Tonks displayed her metamorphmagus abilities as her hair flashed from bubblegum pink to bright blue and back to pink again. 

       From the head table, Albus watched her: she seemed happy enough. However, she was young, and did not fully understand bothe the extent of her power and what happened to her parents. He feared the inevitable day in the future when she found out, but for now, Albus could not bring himself to burden the sweet, happy child, nor to destroy her innocence. Lost in his thoughts, it took several minutes before he noticed a small pair of eyes peering up at him. 

       "Albus, could I go with Bill to quidditch practice? Please? Please?" she implored. Albus chuckled, amused.

       "Of course you can, I'll fetch you at bedtime". Aralynn squealed in delight and took off for the exit. The whole room watched the little girl in amusement; this was regular mealtime entertainmnt at Hogwarts.

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