Farah and Kacper

“Kacper, stop it”, Farah snapped, glancing up quickly as she sketched the swoop of his nose. “Stop what? I’m literally just breathing”, she rolled her eyes, moving onto the nostrils. Picking Kacper as her model may not have been the best idea, he talked too much and quite frankly, after a while he came to be annoying as shit.


1. Farah and Kacper

“Kacper, stop it”, Farah snapped, glancing up quickly as she sketched the swoop of his nose. “Stop what? I’m literally just breathing”, she rolled her eyes, moving onto the nostrils. Picking Kacper as her model may not have been the best idea, he talked too much and quite frankly, after a while he came to be annoying as shit.

“Exactly, you’re doing it too hard –”

“I can take it slow for you, if you want?” He smirked, eyebrows raised. “Jesus Christ”, she was starting to wonder if this was really worth it. Maybe she’d just avert to a stick man drawing and have this over and done with. Six weeks into her art class and she’d finally been given the go-ahead for still life drawings. Usually she enjoyed this sort of stuff; as much as she loved it, art could get pretty boring and having someone with her always seemed to speed up time a bit. This was not one of those cases.

His nose began to twitch and she threw him a glare, “You scratch that, I’ll kill you”, he let out a groan and Farah didn’t cease to miss that little eye roll of his. “Why are we doing this again? Don’t get me wrong, I’m clearly having the time of my life here but why am I …?” She’d like to tell him the reason he was here was because he was the only one around; that out of their four roommates she and him seemed to be the only two without a social life. But she wasn’t so sure. There was something about him that… intrigued her, she guessed? From an art perspective his face was interesting and he had this sort of unique handsomeness she’d never tell him about. Then there was her legitimate attraction towards him which again, Farah’d rather die than have him ever find out. The boy’s ego was big enough already.

“Because I got you an A in your photography project so you’re getting me one in my observational study, is that okay with you?” He cracked a small smile, which was a first as far as she was concerned. “Mmm, I guess that’s alright”. From there his smile only grew and to be honest it was weirding her out a little. “Did the apocalypse just hit or did you, Kacper Moore, just grin at me?” He rolled his eyes for what seemed like the millionth time that day, “Possibly. Remember when you tried to kiss me?” He smirked, smiling down at her. Eyebrows raised, Farah let out a chuckle, “I remember Oliver having to ‘suddenly leave’ during the photoshoot and you having to ‘unwillingly’ step in for him. Right before that kissing photo if I recall that right?” Kacper stayed quiet. “Nothing to say?”

A frown formed in his forehead as he scrunched his face in mock disgust, “You told me I wasn’t allowed to talk”, he blinked as if it were obvious. “Well, you’re free to go in a few minutes. Just lips and eyes left”, he nodded slowly, staying silent as she sharpened the line of his upper lip.

Kacper would never admit it but, this whole thing between she and him made him nervous as shit. Okay, so the photoshoot was pretty intimate but god, it was nowhere near as bad as this. The fight to stop his cheeks from flaring red was a losing game and he just hoped Farah hadn’t noticed, or if she had she hadn’t mentioned it and Jesus was he thankful for that. The eyes were the worse part and he’d been dreading it all day. He liked her and he wasn’t really subtle about it either. In fact it was rare that he even got to be in the same room with her without their roommates giving him crap.

“You have really nice lips”, his eyes widened at Farah’s comment, gaze fixed on her. “Not in a creepy way or anything it’s just, they’re a nice shape. Smooth, you know?” Kacper felt his face run hot, “Num. I –” A crack disrupted his speech and he cleared his throat, “Thanks?” She smiled, shading the corners of his mouth, “You have dimples too, well one actually. It’s interesting”. Kacper averted his gaze down into his lap as his fingers twisted amongst each other, “I do own a mirror”. She paused, hovering her pencil mere millimetres from the page, “I – sorry”.

“For complementing me?” Farah shrugged, turning back to her drawing after checking for the tones in and around his cheeks, “Can I see?” He pressed, poking at her sketchpad. She dropped the pencil, turning to face him fully, “Okay just look with your eyes, not your head”. Kacper did as asked, keeping his position completely fixed as he observed her work. “Damn, you made me look almost decent”, she raised an eyebrow, “Almost? I made you look damn good”.

“So you think I look damn good?” Kacper gushed sarcastically, slapping a hand over his heart. “Hand down, it changes the angle of your shoulders”, Farah deadpanned, averting the subject away from her underlying attraction to the boy. She hoped he’d shut up after that but asking Kacper to stay quiet was like asking for a miracle.

“Avoid the question, sure. Admit it you like me”.

“Getting a little desperate don’t you think? Speaking of, how’s Corey? Haven’t seen her round here in a while,” Farah pried, switching to a subject she knew he wouldn’t want to talk about. He faltered, licking his lips, “She’s fine… Can we just get back to sketching please?” He all but begged. She nodded, “Happily”.

Corey was his girlfriend… Sort of. They’d been on and off for a while now but more recently it’d become a definitive off. Farah liked Corey, she made him sweeter as opposed to his usual bitter self. Though the thin walls of her apartment did have them keeping her up at night, she made him just a little bit better and Farah was more than okay with that. She didn’t know what had changed but he didn’t like to talk about her so much anymore.

Thirty minutes later and Farah was into the home stretch, moving onto the eyes. She shuffled in closer to get a better look. Kacper cleared his throat as her eyes met his. “What colour are your eyes?” She probed, noticing the layers of brown mixed in with flecks of green. “Um, blue I think? You’re the one looking at them, you tell me”. She leaned in closer and Kacper tensed. “Relax, I’m just looking at them. It’s not like I’m going to stab you in the eye or anything”, she chuckled, placing a hand on his cheek. “Not the thing making me nervous”, he grovelled under his breath. Farah readjusted her position and swept her thumb over his cheek bone, “Sorry, is this okay?”

“I would nod but then you actually would stab me with a pencil”.

“So just say yes”, Farah released a tiny smile and Kacper felt his heart flutter. She had to be doing this on purpose. “Only if you scratch that itch on my nose”, he watched her own nose scrunch up into her eyes as she let out a breathy laugh, dancing her fingers over his bridge. “Jesus”, she was killing him here.

A buzzing erupted from the pocket of his jeans, his text tone chiming. “Can you read that for me?”

“I’m looking at your eyes, your phone can wait”. He beamed, “That mesmerizing, huh?”

“Yeah”. She was loose in her answer, not giving it much thought. “I think you have pretty eyes, is that so wrong?” He gulped, now hyperaware of just how close she was.

“Uh, no. I guess not but um… Farah, I need to talk to you about something...”

She pulled away before he had the time to speak. “Yeah?” He shook his head, “Doesn’t matter”. Farah moved slowly, illustrating the curve of his eyes with several flicks of the wrist, “Almost done now”. The sad truth was Kacper didn’t particularly want her to be. This was the most time they’d spent together in a long time. And he missed it desperately. It was these little things that made him like her so much in the first place; him watching her sketch, her reviewing his photos, exchanging tips. Simple things, magic nonetheless. But things changed, she got a little busier and Kacper was left behind. He didn’t mind so much really, it just meant staying up a little later at night since that was the only real time he got to see her. She was always very drowsy – Farah didn’t stop all day. To be expected, really – and she hardly spoke at all, too tired to form a sentence. Kacper didn’t care, she was there and that was good enough for him. Corey was around for a little while, occupying his time in and around school hours. And she was great; close enough to call his best friend at one point. But she never really wanted anything too serious and neither did he. So it wasn’t all that much of a shock when she broke up with him; she saw right through his ‘friendship’ with Farah.

“You’re not mad?” He remembered asking her. She just sort of shrugged, “Not really. There are worse things to forgive. It’s not your fault you’re in love with her”. He thought about that a lot.

A few minutes of silence and Farah was finally done. Now she just needed to shade the eyes.  She was confident in this piece, it was simplistic but that was sort of her style. “Okay look at me”, Kacper flinched unsure of what to do, “With my head or?”

“Eyes. You were looking at me when I sketched you, so if you could do that”. Like he said, he wasn’t very subtle. “Did you find out what colour they were?”

“You were right, blue”, Farah shuffled in slightly closer and a flush took over Kacper’s body. “Yeah?” She averted her head back to her page, “Yeah, like a greeny sort of blue”. As she titled her head to meet his once again a surge of courage raced through Kacper. Now or never, right? As her eyes met his Kacper bobbed his head, aligning his lips with hers as he edged towards her. Farah noticed immediately, retracting her head as she digested what he had just done, “Did you just try to kiss me?”

Kacper coughed, blushing red, “I, um. Sorry. I just thought… Nevermind. Sorry, can we just ah, forget I just did that? Save me the crippling embarrassment?” He laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

Farah pursed her lips, “Well I am pretty mad that you changed your pose but I guess I can let it slide”. Kacper winced, completely mortified as she moved back towards him. “Look at me”.

“I don’t particularly want to, given the situation”, he mumbled suddenly fascinated by his shoes. “Kacper, just look at me. I swear I won’t make it weird”, Farah nagged, laying a hand on his knee. He shut his eyes, taking in a breath and proceeded to make awkward eye contact with her until she was done. A smirk graced her lips, “Is that why you were staring at me them?”

“You said you weren’t gonna make it weird”.

“You already made it weird”.

“Are you done yet? I need to go wallow in my sheer embarrassment”.

“Just the pupil left”. He silently thanked God.

A few more minutes of palpable awkwardness and Farah finally put down her pencil. Kacper released a deep sigh, one he hadn’t realised he had even been holding it.

“Okay, you’re free. Even though we live together so you can’t really avoid me and we’ll have to talk about it at some point but whatever, yeah. Go photograph a park or whatever it is you do”. He nodded slowly, standing up from his chair and racing towards the front door. Really he just wanted the hell out of there, something Farah was acutely aware of. He didn’t even bother to check he had all his stuff and she called after him once noticing the scarf he had left on the back of his seat. She followed quickly in pursuit, scarf in hand, “Kacper!” He stopped reluctantly, turning back to face her, “Oh. Right. Thanks”. She lifted the scarf over his head and draped it around his neck. She felt his eyes on her as she glanced up into his round blue irises, “Farah, look I’m sorry if I weirded you out. Really, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable”. She shook her head fiddling with the ends of his scarf, easing her fingers up towards his jawline. “You didn’t”, without having the time to register what was happening Kacper was met with a set of lips upon his own; Farah’s lips. The two of them, stood in a state of ecstasy as she slowly pulled away, “Still leaving?” Farah teased, tracing his jaw with her fingertips. His head rapidly shook, a grin taking over his face, “The park can wait”. 

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