Love Virus

Hi I am 17 and my name is Alyce also know as the odd one. Everyone has been diagnosed with the love virus and not me will I ever find love or will I be loveless ?


2. Party Time

As soon I walked in my house i ran up stairs to get ready so I put on my favorite dress. It was a black shiny tight little dress and my black heels and my hair was in a tight bun. I heard the doorbell ringing so I ran to the door to awnser then there was a guy with a mask and he picked me up and through me in the trunk. I tried my best to get out but it was no use. I could feel my mascara dripping down my cheeks as I cried I couldn't barely breath.Finally the guy showed his face it was Matthew as he picked me up he said welcome to the party.

I screamed but no one bothered to help because they were to drunk.He finally let me down then started taping me to a really big target and then put me on the wall.All of a sudden he started to spin the target and he yelled through stuff at the moving target.I could hear someone saying don't but they didn't mind they threw beer bottles and glass.One of them actually hit my arm cutting it and letting the blood pour on the floor.

All of a sudden a guy ran up to Matthew and started punching him and kicking him violently. All I could do was scream he untied me and I ran out trying to catch my breath. I could only make it to the sidewalk without passing out of dizzyness. When I woke up I was in a hospital bed with my mom beside me."Where am I." I asked ."Your in the emergency room." Mother said softly. "What happened?" I said. "A boy came and dropped you off here and said you were in a car accident on the way to the party." Mother said. Breaking our conversation the nurse said we can go know.

When we got home I looked at the time it was 3:00 in the morning so i headed to sleep.

Alyce Dream

I was running away from a killer . Then I got picked up by the guy and he saved me again then he kissed but i never saw him again.

dream over

How did you like  this chapter #plotwist

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