Love Virus

Hi I am 17 and my name is Alyce also know as the odd one. Everyone has been diagnosed with the love virus and not me will I ever find love or will I be loveless ?


3. Doctor Says No

"Wake up Alyce we have a doctors appointment." Mother said softly. I blinked my eyes and got up to see her standing at the door way . I turned over to see that it was already quarter to four . Dang I started to get up till I felt a big sharp pain in my arm ."Ouch." I flinched and stared at the big scar on my arm . "Hurry up". Mother called. So I resist the pain and got up and got dressed and headed down stairs. She was already ready in the car. So I locked the door and grabbed my cellphone and headed out . As we drove to the doctors appointment I received a text from a unknown number saying Welcome.


I ignored it though. As we walked in there he was sitting alone in the corner . They called his name "Nick Kerikel ." As he walked away he glanced at me not saying a thing . Soon after they called my name "Alyce Hitle." I walked in to the small room feeling nausea feeling so tight. She said that today were testing if you have Love Virus. When she said that I just grinned at her . When I saw the side effects of the shot to see if I had it or not I felt scared trying not to show . So I tried to chill out a little then I closed my eyes . "Ow" I screamed as she injected the shot in to my shoulder . But she still kept going without even asking if I was ok .


There he was going pass the door once she finished I charged out of the room .  "Alyce get back here now." Mother said demanding and daring . I caught up to him as he was heading to his car . "Hey you. You saved me." I shouted as I ran to him . "Yea and?" He said . "I just wanted to say thanks." I said stuttering .  "K." He said . Why would you save me though?" I asked him, . "Why not?" He said as he pulled off . "Wait!" I demanded . But it was to late he already left which left my eyes watering in tears .


"Alyce Lily Hitle !" Mother shouted . "I'm coming ." I shouted  with the tears dripping off my face hitting the solid concrete . As I turned around she was holding the test results of the test ."You don't have the love virus sweetie." Mother said softly . " What about you ?" I asked  in fear .





                                                    What Do You Think Will Happen ? Thanks For Reading 

                                                                                    Love Virus

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