Love Virus

Hi I am 17 and my name is Alyce also know as the odd one. Everyone has been diagnosed with the love virus and not me will I ever find love or will I be loveless ?


1. Breaking News

Breaking news is spreading all around in California. Well to me it's not really breaking news I mean who doesn't want to find love?It is known to be the love virus which make makes you fall in love fast and easy la de dah blah blah.But I don't understand why this is a big deal to people I mean think of those poor cat lady's. They have a greater chance of falling in love then they did in the past.

"Alyce come down stairs your gonna be late for school." My mother yelled ruining my thoughts.So I got up from my bed and dragged myself down stairs. "Why does Monday exist." I said under my breath. I hopped in the shower and got dressed + i did not have any time to do my makeup or have breakfast.

"That's what your wearing." My mother asked in shock. "Whats wrong with my oufit ?!" I snapped. "Nothing i'm just amazed that your only wearing jeans and a t-shirt with comeback boots with your hair in a long braid." Mother said. "Whatever." I said. "Oh which reminds me to tell you i have a date tonight." WHAT!" I shouted in shock." Alyce stop worrying over me." She giggled.I'm not it's just u haven't had  a date for 12 years." The buses horn cut me off. "This is not over yet." I hollered.

I sat on the bus toward the back seats and stared at he houses as we passed them. All of a sudden i felt something poke me on my shoulder. I turned around to see Matthew the football captain."What do you want." I said annoyed. "Do you wanna go to a party with me tonight ?" "No." I said and turned my head the oppisite way. "Please please please." he pleaded."Fine." I hollered . "I will text you the address and a time." I said as we got off the bus.


What will happen at the party tonight like and fav to find out thanks hope you enjoy.

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