Book review (your movelllas)


2. Finding colors

Finding colors by Peytonxoxo

The cover of this book is actually pretty cool it goes with the whole theme. Like the title finding colors. The background is blue and the characters on the front are black and white pretty awesome.

Oh my gosh I just finished reading Finding colors. And it's amazing it's basically about everyone sees only black and white until they find there true love (I'm pretty sure) And ugh I just love it you guys should to

I don't normally get attached to books but this one i did I waiting for the next chapter!!!😝😝😝😝😝😉


Story: A+++

Plot A++++++++++++😂😘

Editing A++

A/n i will check back in with this book when it's finished to give it and overall grade

A special shout out to Peytonxoxo keep on writing girl. A+

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