''Parallel World''

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  • Published: 18 Oct 2015
  • Updated: 18 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
A great warrior of a land in a parallel world loses his sci-fi ability and was being conquered by his biggest enemy


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     In a world of chaos, pain and destruction, Nolo is the only one left protecting the Imperial City and the Gold Road from invasion of his greatest enemy Ashir.

For centuries, in Imperial City good have prevailed over bad. Now the peace and quiet life are in danger.

Ashir possessed great power. Nolo was also well-trained fighter who even exceeded his biggest enemy by possessing the ability of intangibility. It was not random. Nolo's grand father was half-wizard who bequeathed to his son something precious,unique and magical-the Stone of Jone. According to the myth, the Stone of Jone is from an ancient place,existed three millennia ago,called Skingard and was the source of the great magic which contributed to the internal fight against bad powers.

Days before passing away, Nolo's father gave him the stone and explained him that when he carries the stone with himself no physical boundaries can stand his way.

Nolo knows he is stronger only with the Stone of Jone and never parts with it. Only Hapola knew about the stone. She was Nolo's wife and a queen of Imperial City but was in love with Ashir-Nolo's biggest enemy.

Even before getting married to Nolo,when she was a teenager Hapola had a romance with the handsome Ashir who was then a promising conqueror. She never revealed this part of her past to Nolo.

Hapola was no stranger to cunningness and manipulation and one early morning, while her husband was still sleeping she left Imperial City and went to Ashir's place. She brought with herself the Stone of Jone. Hapola took it secretly from Nolo's pocket. The purpose of Hapola was to enchant the powerful stone so Nolo to become weaker and to lose his ability of intangibility. She knew also that Ashir knows the finest dark magic makers and besides she desperately longed to see him.

Hapola revealed Ashir her plot and he remained satisfied. Ashir remained struck when understood that Nolo inherited a stone that secretly helps him in the fight against him.

-We don't have much time!-warned the evil queen Ashir- I want the stone to be ready by tomorrow!

-I like seeing you so almighty-said the enemy of Nolo and kept the woman closer to himself.


                                                                                                . . .


  When she returned to the palace,Hapola put the same but enchanted by the forces of evil stone in the pocket of Nolo's upper cloth. Nolo didn't noticed the difference but today had no urge to open doors,so decided to pass through one of it but hit his head very bad. Then tried to pass through a wall but remained the same room where he was. Nolo felt worried. He sensed someone or something controls him. He woke up with headache and had weird visions. Nolo willed severely to do what he was able of before but everything was against him. He loses strength. The Stone of Jone no longer listened him. Finally,Nolo fell off unconscious.


                                                                                                  . . .


 When the warrior of good woke up, the Imperial City was in ruins. It was hot and dusty. Nolo wished to die. His eyes hurt him seeing such grandiose destruction. All the kinsmen were dead. The Imperial City and the Golden Road vanished for a day from the face of the paralleled world.

At last, Nolo glimpsed with his left eye Ashir,his army and his cheating and cunning wife on a horse drawing off the battlefield.

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