Rouges are hated and wanted. I love the rouge lifestyle. And wander the towns and streets of packs.

Wolves are caring and loving. But can loose temper in the matter of seconds.

Thats why my life is just one big game of hide and seek.

Until the wolves howl.


5. :Chapter 5: That Night...

:Chapter 5: That Night...

"check the windows Amira..." Orianna hurried after me  when we finished eating. "i know" my response was a little dry, but not much out of the ordinary. "Amira! you're afraid! you're scared! please don't just act like its nothing..." she stopped me. This little girl, a luna of a huge pack, bothered about an assassin like me. why do you care so much Orianna...

"i'm well aware that it's dangerous, i'm not afraid, i'm not scared, i don't have a reason to be scared just yet...". Orianna sighed and showed me inside the room beside hers. i chuckled at her, closed and locked the windows tightly. "you're not doing it properly you dumb horse..." 


"see..." she went over and slammed her fist in the none-glass part of the window. my eyes were wide open and i refused to say a word, since i don't want her punching me. "Err... are you sure you didn't break it or-"

"i didn't punch that hard" she said surprised. "bruh, you're gonna break that window..." i sighed and gently pressed my fingers on the glass. "luckily you didn't break it..." i looked down on my fingers, a little amount of blood was trickling out.  "damn.."

"goodnight Amira..." Orianna giggled, i loved that giggle. "Goodnight Giggly" i walked over and locked the door after her. 

"man i thought she'd never leave!!" a irritated voice said above me and i looked up.

"Horror" i screamed and tried to unlock the door, but my arms got locked together. "that how you say hello?" he chuckled.

why the hell didn't i check the room. why the hell did i not check the room. "Xavier! Let go" i wimpered.

"so you're not scared of me?" he asked and turned me around. i quickly closed my eyes.

"i'll have to change that..."

"AMIRA!" Orianna screamed from the other side of the door. "damnit she's fuckiing persistant" He Said. "ORIANNA!" i screamed back and he looked down on me. "hush, we wouldn't want anyone to interrupt" he smiled in the crook of my neck.

"you, ain't, shit!" i pushed myself away from him and Orianna kicked the door in. "Orianna!" i jumped out for her but he caught me mid air. "no no no..." his voice got lower.

"she's mine, and only mine, i want her all to myself"

"like hell!" Orianna transformed into her black wolf, almost invisible in the dark room. she pounded at him and he let go. "god this woman" he swung his hand at her and she got thrown into the wall with a loud crack. "don't you fucking-" i looked right into his mismatched eyes. "i'm sorry Luna..." he apologized to her. "no mean for violence, but i need her"

my heart skipped a beat and our eyes accidentally got locked together. "right, Mate?" he whispered loud enough for me to hear. 



SO GUYS! its been awhile since i've updated and i apologize for that :P but i didn't feel inspired enough, but i forced myself to continue :D


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