Rouges are hated and wanted. I love the rouge lifestyle. And wander the towns and streets of packs.

Wolves are caring and loving. But can loose temper in the matter of seconds.

Thats why my life is just one big game of hide and seek.

Until the wolves howl.


4. :Chapter 4: What a Drama!

:Chapter 4: What a Drama!


"how did you end up with so many bruises?" she sighed at me. I didn't know much of it either, but trying to make it short. "I fucked up"

"Your Language!!" she said surprised at my answer. "well, that's what being out in the wild does to you" I chuckled. "you sort of start to lack the need of being ladylike" she took around my bruised fingers and looked at the palm of my hands. we both remained silent for a while

"what? so that's all you're gonna tell me?" she huffed in an insulted way. "yes, your simple mind would not be able to contain the things i've gone through to get to you" i smiled to myself, of course, the sarcasm was stunning.

"dont give me that poop, how was it?" she started. "standing, in front of a man like that" she shivered, even my brave Luna was afraid of that male. "did you even look him in the eyes, or did you avoid it like you do with every other potential mate?" she giggled. what a weird girl. "i won't take a risk, and even if he was potential, i would reject him" i sighed and looked away from Orianna's golden eyes. "and dont call him potential, you're scaring me" i placed a pillow between me and her, she pouted and tilted her head. "what did i say that could've scared YOU!" she pointed out. "nobody want's to face you, and something i said scared you" i gave her a quick glance and looked worried. "Or did He say anything that could have scared you?" she lowered her voice. 

"what did he tell you?" she slowly started crying, she was such a crybaby.

"How awesome would it be if you were to make eye contact with your possible ma-"

"i'll find you"

"believe me"

"nothing in particular" i sighed and planted my face in another pillow. "ohh, i see, you're afraid of him too then?" she patted me on the head. "excuuuse me? i am not afraid of anything, nor anyone, and it does not matter what the male said, i only worry about my own health" i exploded. "and matter in fact! That guy could have been my end, those wolves would've been my death" i crossed my arms, what have i become? 

she just sat there, looking worried at me. "dont tell me he is-"

"i dont Know!" i hissed "and i dont want to Know!" i threw the pillow out the window. "i just want to sleep Orianna, i just want some food" i tossed myself into bed. "Amira..." she sighed. "you should sleep in my room, with me. Chancellor will be out anyway" she stroke my head. "it's ok" i sighed and smiled at her.

"i think i'll be fine"


A/N Hello Potatoes, sorry i made you wait so long, thanks for being patient.

please make sure to check out my other stories if you are waiting for be to write a new chapter.



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