Rouges are hated and wanted. I love the rouge lifestyle. And wander the towns and streets of packs.

Wolves are caring and loving. But can loose temper in the matter of seconds.

Thats why my life is just one big game of hide and seek.

Until the wolves howl.


3. :Chapter 3: My Dearest Luna

:Chapter 3: My Dearest Luna!

"My lady! My dearest Luna" i smiled and embraced the one and only person being close to befriending me. She even knew my name! My full name! Not even the Alpha knew my full name!

"Luna Orianna, Alpha Chancellor, i am honoured" i bowed and Orianna giggled. As i was one of the only people who could make her laugh, this was a rare occasion.

I swiftly swung my hood off and revealed several scratches from my fight from before. "Amira?" Orianna whispered loud enough for my ears to catch. "What have you..." She stood up from her chair and ran towards me.

"Woman!?" She yelled and ripped off my coat. She gasped as she spotted my severe wounds and bruises. "What happened...?" She stroke my arm restlessly. Even though my wounds stopped bleeding, they still hurt. "Orianna listen, i can explain all of this"

"Go on, because that arrow in your arm is not from normal wolves" the Omega barged in. "Might even go as far as saying those are The Elites arrows" the Beta raised from his chair.

Inside the halls were many guardsmen and citizens as i was a rare sight. And they decided to start whispering about my combat with them.

"The Elites? Yo- you survived?" Her voice was trembling and the Alpha decided to stand up, putting an end to the endless whispers. "Amira, I surely hope you haven't brought trouble towards your royalty. You may be a friend of ours, but this is for the whole pack"

"Hey listen ok" i started and forced myself to pull the arrow out. "I may or may not have been in a tiny fight with the Alpha of the fuckboys" i sighed and looked at the arrow in my bruised hand.

"But i have no intention nor interest in bringing you any harm, and i only wanted to say 'Hi' before i left off" i looked back into Oria's tear filled golden eyes. "So i should be going"

She kept repeating the same words. "You survived" until she smiled and pulled me into a hug.

"The nursery is where you are going, Orianna dear, please take her" he started walking towards us. "And don't worry Amira, don't feel any guilt, they have been around our territory for two weeks"

"Now, i have some Elites to take care off, so if you will excuse us" he said as he walked past us with the Omega And Beta right behind him.

And just after they left, Orianna pulled be away from the crowds towards what had to be the 'nursery' "Oria this isn't necessary!" I tried to stop her but she just turned around and looked me dead in the eye. Trying her best to look serious even though i were taller than her. "I don't want you to go, for the next week, you are staying here" she said determined and started walking again. She grabbed my wrists and i yelped in pain. She quickly let go and looked at my blue wrists. "What did he do to you?" She cried. "Don't cry, you're gonna make me cry" i sniffled and lifted her quite adorable and chubby cheeks. "You little hoe" she looked at me and hugged me again. I hugged back and replied.

"Fuck you..."


-peekaboo muffins, hope this wasn't too filler for you, i tried to explain a lot in this shit of a chapter, and i had to rewrite it three times, so please bare over with me.

Xoxo U•One

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