Rouges are hated and wanted. I love the rouge lifestyle. And wander the towns and streets of packs.

Wolves are caring and loving. But can loose temper in the matter of seconds.

Thats why my life is just one big game of hide and seek.

Until the wolves howl.


2. :Chapter 2: Stubborn!

:Chapter 2: Stubborn!

My my, aren't you a lot of fun, so stubborn.

A voice said in my head. "Who dares to mind link me!?" I snarled angrily. Who the hell does the Dog think it is?

"Found you" was the last thing i heard before getting forcefully thrown into a tree and a sharp pain shot through my spine. "Who do I think i am?" It laughed and shifted to human form. "Superior to yourself of course!" He grabbed my bangs and forced me to look at him. My wolf stopped yelping and got calm by his touch.

My wolf is such a whore sometimes.

My pain filled expression made him chuckle. "Oh did i hurt you little cub?" I avoided his gaze.

"Get lost you arrogant imbecile" i spat at his feet and he wasn't pleased, neither was my wolf. His face changed into a clusterfuck of emotions. His eyes had two different colours. The blue one filled with confusion and sadness, the yellow one, thundering with anger and controlling madness. His black hair wasn't messy even though he ran like a bullet just a second ago. He were still trying to make eye contact with me.

"How come a perfect being like that gets kicked out of a pack" I chuckled at the toughest in the Elites pack. The Alpha everyone knew, for being a humongous fuckboy. "Oh, i mean lets not be hasty" he purred.

"Alpha Xavier, what an honour you big twat" i giggled and he grabbed my wrist and held me into the air. My confidence didn't go out like a candle this time. "Am i that famous?" He questioned me and tilted his head, uninterested in what i had to say.

"I dont know, meaby a little..." I fumbled for my knifes in my belt but failed miserably. "No no no, little one, don't try to go there" he raised me higher above ground. How fucking tall is this hoe?

"What if i were to be afraid if heights you fucking giant?" I growled at him. "Then i would be laughing my ass off-


I don't think I've ever told anyone about my lifestyle, nor my decision about leaving my old pack. "Pardon?" I asked. "I am not a rouge?"

"Dont pretend to be stupid you moronic girl" he headbutted me as he had no free hands, awesome a headache too? "Ow you stupid fu-"

"Dont you think everyone know about the white wolf wandering the forests? Some Children are being warned about going near you" he giggled like a little school girl. He ran a hand through my long platinum hair. "How awesome would it be if you would make eye contact with your possible ma-"

"that pretty much sums up my life!" I sighed and kicked the tree I was up against, barely pushing the button for one of my traps.

Xavier gasped and backed away from me. "Oh you know about my little secrets too?" I laughed as he got torn up onto a tree in a net. "Im not even sorry" i ran into the territory of a pack i knew, The Gemstones, they had no grudges on me as i never hurt them, i knew their Luna.

But Xavier just sat there. Looking down at me. with an unnatural grin smeared onto his face. "I'll find you..." He giggled psychotic and flashed his neck, pointing at the crook between his shoulder and neck.

"Believe me..."

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