Rouges are hated and wanted. I love the rouge lifestyle. And wander the towns and streets of packs.

Wolves are caring and loving. But can loose temper in the matter of seconds.

Thats why my life is just one big game of hide and seek.

Until the wolves howl.


1. :Chapter 1: Light!

:Chapter 1: Light!

Light steps through the forest. And here i thought that this would be easy.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck..." I whispered hysterically. With Arrows flying around my ears. "No thank you" i swiftly slipped underneath a log.

Gaaah. I fucking hate this to the bone. (Haha, dog pun)

"Where the hell did it go..." One of the voice boomed above me. I just love the way I can get away with that. Hiding because of my figure.

Because, I somehow pissed off the Elites. Oh? You dont know who they are? Well. They're just some of the most hardcore and vicious killer wolves. Wolves who have been kicked out of a pack. Wolves who survived.

Bitches in my opinion. But hey.

"I can smell her. She is close..." Another voice. The first one was almost more than i could handle. And there is more!?

And hey! I don't smell that bad!

I was just about to sneeze when. "Peekaboo..." Two heads popped up in front of me and i sneezed like the little girl i was. "Cute..." One of them said and reached out for me. "Fuck you!" I screamed and swung one of my daggers at his hand. The palm of his hand started bleeding and he let out a painful scream. After an unpleased growl he took around my neck and lifted me up from underneath my safe log.

"No really, fuck you" i hissed and gasped for air. Just then i realised, they were so much bigger than me, there were no way in hell i would get out alive. Not bothered by the fact that there was a lot of them. But kind of embarrassed that so many would watch me die.

"You're not harmed one bit, that somehow bothers me" he said and looked me dead in the eyes. "How would you like your life to end babe?" What seem to be the beta came up beside what had to be the omega. I gave him the finger and he tightened his grip.

They managed to spot my gender? How? Oh wait, why is that such a big deal? WELL! Female wolves are rare and are easy to spot. So therefore i always wear a black hooded cape, just like the guards in the town i came from.

"How would I want to die?" I coughed and smiled. I loved their shocked expressions. "Some years from now i would love to die, beside my huge amount of bitches. Including your sisters of course" i laughed with some leftover air.

Everyone of them growled and snared at me in tact. "Suck it up loser" i kicked him in the jaw and landed on my feet. And within two seconds i was off again in the direction of my traps.

"You Bitch!" He screamed and shifted into a sand coloured wolf. Just as the perhaps 20, yeah 20 others obeyed his command and sat off after me.

I just made this so much worse.

And my mind was getting calmer until i heard what has to be the most terrifying howl i have ever heard. all of my hairs stood straight up, My heart started beating like a Bunny's. And my wolf begged me to stop. Why the fuck would it beg for me to stop!? That Dog doesn't have control over a rouge!


Ello my little Kawaii potatoes! This is my third story. And i just released two today. Pretttyyyy wierd i know.

But i was just too excited. And i'll finish all three! Hope you enjoy. Feedback is alllllways enjoyed ;D kiss kiss from this wierdo! (That sounds weird even in my head...)

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