A Fatal Error

Fifteen years after the cataclysm forced Moren and his people from the surface of his planet he returns on an exploration mission in hopes of finding a way for them all to return. As fate would have it however nothing goes as planned and a simple mission becomes a fight for survival.


1. At The Edge

The child looked up to his father with fear in his eyes.

“Will we be okay dad?” He asked. The man knelt down and put a reassuring hand on the boys shoulder.

“Everything will be fine Moren, I promise.” he pointed to the shuttle at the head of their line. “Do you know what that is son?” Moren looked at the shuttle and nodded his head in reply.

“Where will it take us?” he asked

“Above the clouds, to our new home. There is a city up there floating across the sky and its waiting for us.”

“But I don't want to go, why can't we stay here?” The man frowned but looked at his son with compassion.

“We've been over this before Moren, whatever remains on the surface will be destroyed by the cataclysm.”

“Can't we come back though when its over?”

“No son, not for a very long time. Now come, we don't have much time left.” The man stood and held his hand out. The boy grasped it and they moved on towards the shuttle with the others inline.


“Moren, did you hear me?” Ves said over the speakers built into Morens helmet snapping him out of his daze.

“Sorry I was thinking, what did you say?” he replied.

“I said five minuets and you will be good to jump. What were you thinking about anyway?”

“Just the day me and my old man came to the city.”

“Fitting given the nature of this mission.” She said.

“I just wish we had some clue as to how things look down there....a lot can change in fifteen years.”

“The area we are dropping you into shouldn't be to bad, things were pretty stable in those parts during the cataclysm.”

“Guess we'll find out soon enough,” he replied “or I will at any rate.” He looked down at the thick gray cloud that blanketed his planet. He stood on a platform outside the city's protective dome ready to jump into that cloud. He looked up towards the sun. Its rays reflected off his visor turning it the same shade of amber as the rest of his protective suit.

“How are your systems checking out?” Ves asked.

“My oxygen is a little on the low side but when I reach the surface the filters should kick in and fill my tanks. Other then that every thing seems fine on my end. How about yours?”

“Everything looks good up here.”

“How long till I can jump?” “The city will be in place in about fifty seconds.”

“Damn, that was a fast five minuets.”

“Time flies when you're having fun.”

“Or when you're about to jump off a floating city for the first time.” They shared a laugh.

“Any final comments before you jump?”

“Just that I love you and I'll be home for dinner.”

“You had better be.”  The small red light in the top right of his visor turned green signaling for him to jump. With out another word he took one step forward allowing himself to topple over the edge and to the earth below.

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