Sex is sex wherever one finds it.


2. Tuesday

 Chapter 2 Tuesday                     

   “O M G!” Cindy screamed as she jumped out of bed it was late, they had overslept and the alarm hadn’t woken them.

   Angela told Cindy, “Calm down and come back to bed.”

   “But Dave will be waiting for me at the college entrance,” Cindy said now beginning to panic.

   “No, he won’t. We’ve already missed the start of the lecture. There’s nothing we can do about that. So be a good girl and come back to bed.” Angela said encouragingly.

   Cindy did as she was told and automatically snuggled up to Angela while thinking about what excuse she could give to Dave for her absence when she met up with him later. In the meantime, she would enjoy the sex.


   Dave was upset with Cindy, “Where were you this morning?” he demanded.  

   “My car had a flat tyre,” Cindy lied, and then embellished it by telling him the garage had found a nail stuck in the tyre.  

   “So why didn’t you answer your phone,” Dave said looking puzzled.  

   “Sorry I must have switched the phone off accidentally and when I eventually got your message it was too late; the lecture had already started.” Cindy said this cursing herself for not sending him a message earlier. Thinking maybe next time she would be more prepared.


   At lunch time Cindy usually brought sandwiches with her but, of course, today she hadn’t. So was forced to visit the college coffee bar or go hungry. Dave was not happy but he followed her in.

   “Hell,” thought Cindy as she saw Angela at the counter being served.

   Thankfully Angela a born liar saw the concern on Cindy’s face. After saying, “Hello,” asked, “Cindy can I copy your notes for this morning’s lecture? I over slept and, as you know, I missed the whole bloody thing.”

   Dave laughed and said, “You’ll both have to copy my notes then because Cindy also missed the lecture, she had car trouble this morning.”


   In the toilets, before the afternoon lecture, Cindy told Angela, “I almost wet myself when I first saw you in the coffee bar. I thought you were marvellous the way you handled the situation."

   “Yes, it was a near thing. I calculated you hadn’t mentioned seeing me to Dave. Otherwise it wouldn’t have worked,” Angela replied.     

   “Well at least I thought up the excuse of having car trouble to tell Dave,” Cindy said, and then stated, “The only problem was I didn’t text him that I couldn’t make it to the lecture.”

   “Unfortunately you can’t use the car trouble excuse again with both of us being absent. It might get Dave thinking something was up,” Angela said laughing.

   “Dave is busy tonight. It being Tuesday, he go’s to his photo club,” Cindy said looking pointedly at Angela. 

   Angela just smiled and said, “Come around to my place after ten.”


   “Oh hell,” Cindy thought She had been looking forward to seeing Angela tonight. She had even chosen in her mind what underwear she would wear.

   “Well what do you think?” Dave asked.

   “Yes, yes, that sounds great.” Cindy said with a smile on her face, what else could she say, sorry but no I have a hot date tonight.

   Apparently Dave had changed his mind about going to the photo club this evening. He wanted to take her out instead.


   Angela was not too pleased when Cindy broke the news that she couldn’t make it tonight. Damn Dave she thought, and suggested, “Come round afterwards I don’t mind how late it is.”

    “I’d love to,” Cindy said, “But Dave will expect me to stay the night at his place afterwards.”

   “That’s a pity I had something special planned for tonight Angela said in a very seductive voice.

   “Oh God just the thought of being with you is making me wet,” Cindy said, “But usually when I stay over with Dave he expects sex.”

   “Can’t you say you’ve got a head ache or something,” Angela suggested.


   Dave was really pleased with himself. He had got two tickets to the proms which normally were unobtainable. A friend who couldn’t go because of a death in the family had given them to him for nothing.

   When they got to the main entrance Dave discovered to his disappointment that the tickets were not for seats.

   So for the next two hours he had to injure standing in the centre of the auditorium pretending to enjoy himself with Cindy and several hundred other people bobbing up and down to the sound of the music.

   To crown it all after the concert when he suggested going back to his place for some fun and games, Cindy had told him she had a head ache and when pressed admitted she wasn’t really up for sex as it was that time of month.

   The thing that really pissed him off was she could have said something earlier. So saving him the expense of   having to pay for food in the café at the back of the concert hall, which to his horror had cost a fortune?


   Cindy had mixed feelings she liked having sex with Dave most of the time. But since Angela had come on the scene, showing her a new way of enjoying sex, she felt somewhat liberated. Also it was like a drug, she wanted more. With that in mind Cindy arrived at Angela’s place.

   “Hello, come in,” Angela greeted Cindy with a kiss on the lips.

   Cindy found this rather embarrassing even if those lips and tongue had already touched a more private part of her body it still felt strange being kissed by another woman.       

   She noted that Angela was already in a dressing gown with pyjama legs showing. Without saying another word

   Angela took Cindy’s hand and led her upstairs to bed.

   After some foreplay Angela sprung her surprise, which turned out to be her pretending to be a man by using a strap on a dildo in the shape of a man’s cock.

   To say Cindy was shocked was an understatement. Just the look of it was frightening enough. She thought Dave was well endowed but this thing appeared big. Yet funny enough it certainly hit the spot and the good thing about it was that no way could Cindy accidentally get pregnant. 

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