Sex is sex wherever one finds it.


1. Monday

Chapter 1  Monday 

   Cindy awoke needing to pee. Her head hurt as she moved slowly from the bed. God, she thought, I must have had a skin full at the party last night. Still half asleep she automatically turned right when she reached the bedroom door and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

   “Fuck,” Cindy swore aloud, wide awake now, where the fuck was she?  Suddenly realizing she was standing there in a strange hallway totally naked. She rushed back to the safety of the bedroom and dived under the covers to think.

   She’d had a row with her boyfriend Dave and had gone to the party alone, determined to have a good time without him. She remembered having a lot to drink but not much else.

   Uncovering her head Cindy became aware she was not alone in the bed, someone was snoring. Gingerly lifting her head from the pillow, Cindy looked across the bed to see who it was laying next to her.

   “Oh My God,” Cindy almost screamed for it was Angela, her friend from college. On closer inspection Angela asleep looked different. Her long dark hair, no longer held firmly in place by its headband she usually wore, had splayed out to frame her face which devoid of makeup appeared softer and breathtakingly beautiful.  

   Cindy thought maybe Angela had taken pity on her being to drunk to drive home and so had given her a bed for the night.

   The thing Cindy couldn’t understand was why she was naked and sharing a bed with Angela, knowing full well that Angrla was gay.

   Slowly Cindy started to remember vaguely  being helped off with her clothes, being put to bed and the warmth of another body cuddling up to her. Then she smiled when she remembered the feeling of pleasure the sex that followed had given her. It was not like the usual quickie she would normally have experienced with Dave but something more sensual. Thinking about it, although a bit sore and a little tender down below between her legs, she felt quite satisfied.


   Cindy had just enough time to collect her car, pop home, and have a shower. Then she changed into a pair of baggy jeans and a smart dark blue coloured blouse that showed off her blonde hair and blue eyes nicely, before heading to her first lecture of the morning.

   Dave also wearing baggy jeans together with a smart white shirt, was waiting for her at the college entrance. After a quick kiss he asked her as they walked, “What happened to you last night? Robin said you got drunk and when she left you decided to stay at the lesbian bitch’s place.”   

   “Yes, Angela wouldn’t let me drive home in the state I was in and insisted that I stay the night, which I thought was kinda nice of her under the circumstances,” Cindy told Dave.

   “Fuck that for a lark,” Dave stated, followed by, “What did you think you were doing by staying the night, especially after what I had told you about those people? You were bloody lucky she didn’t jump you.”

   This reminded Cindy of yesterday’s quarrel, where Dave had said he wasn’t happy with her being friends with Angela and didn’t want them to go to the party.

   He had told her what he thought of Angela and her kind.

   This now prompted Cindy to reply, “I’m sorry you still feel like that about Angela, but she’s my friend and she can’t help being that way, can she?”

   “You do say some daft things Cindy. Of course she can. It’s a well known fact according to Sigmund Freud and others, that people like her want to be the dominant partner in any relationship. It’s a sex thing, which no proper man would tolerate. That’s why she goes after other rather weak minded women she can control."

   Cindy just gave Dave a hard look as they walked through the corridor to the lecture hall and thought how could she be really going out with such a self opinionated moron?


   Once inside the lecture hall Cindy acknowledged Angela with a look, a nod and a quick smile, but instead of going to sit with her friend she dutifully followed Dave and sat by his side some distance away.

   All through the lecture, she sat listening but also wondered what Dave would have thought if he had only known about what really happened last night.

   She supposed he would have considered her a weak-minded woman.

   It was not strange for her to have chosen a boyfriend, who like both her brother and father thought he knew everything. He demanded loyalty and her to agree with whatever he might say.

   She remembered once crying to her mother about how her brother was being unfair about something. Then her mother saying that as she, Cindy, was more emotionally mature than her brother she should let him get away with it.

   Looking back over the years, her mother, although a quiet woman, could make both her brother and father do whatever she wanted by allowing them to think it was their idea in the first place. This made them feel good and at the same time she got her way.

   Maybe a little flattery could work with Dave; anyway, it was worth a try.                          


   Fuck the woman Dave; thought he had seen the look and smile the lesbian bitch had given his Cindy.

 What really annoyed him was Cindy going to the party even after he had voiced his disapproval. That being so, no way could he have backed down and gone with her.

   Yet in hindsight, he should have been there to stop Cindy making a fool of herself and from staying the night with that bitch. Robin had told him how Cindy had got drunk and had acted out of character. This friendship Dave thought between Cindy and the bitch has to end. No way would Cindy have dared to go against his wishes before that bitch Angela had got her claws into her.

   He should have stopped the friendship right from the start but he hadn’t been aware of the bitch sniffing around until it was too late.


   Angela had to laugh at Dave’s displeasure, he had been treating poor Cindy as his personal doormat for sometime as far as she could tell. It was about time Cindy learnt to fly and why not in her direction. Last night had presented Angela with a golden opportunity to get Cindy alone and she had taken full advantage of the situation. However as proven by Cindy’s reluctance to break away from Dave’s side this morning showed Angela she still had a lot more to do before Cindy would be hers.


   Cindy, after the lecture let Dave as usual carry her bag of books down from their seats to the lecture hall entrance. There she stopped with the pretence of tying up her shoelaces. She dawdled long enough to allow for Angela to catch up.

   “Hello Angela what did you think of the lecture?” Cindy asked. 

   “To be honest I thought it rather boring,” Angela replied knowing full well that Dave had been glued to every word the speaker had uttered. She was rewarded when he took the bait and joined in.

   “You’re mistaken or can’t have been listening properly.” Dave then went on for the next fifteen minutes to explain exactly what he thought the lecturer was getting at. 

   Close up Angela thought Dave wasn’t so bad looking and as for his body, if the bulge he was showing down below was any indication, he was certainly well endowed. She could understand why Cindy was prepared to put up with him. Thankfully he finished explaining before she started to imagine what it would be like to go to bed with him.


   Cindy had observed Angela pretending to listen to Dave and how she was reacting to Dave’s animal persona. Strangely, Cindy found herself feeling jealous.


   Dave had been annoyed at first when Cindy having difficulty doing up her shoelaces enabling Angela to join them. When Cindy had asked about the lecture it was obvious that Angela saying it was boring meant she hadn’t understood. Of course he had to say something. The funny thing, Dave found he had enjoyed explaining everything to Angela and was pleased with how she had nodded in agreement whenever he stressed a point.


   After Angela had left, Cindy found Dave was in a better mood. He thought Angela wasn’t such a bad person, and he’d enjoyed talking to her. He told Cindy, to her amazement that next time they should all sit together in the lecture hall.   


   Cindy was pleased with herself. Her plan to get Dave to accept Angela as a friend rather than that lesbian bitch had succeeded.

   Later that evening when Cindy met up with Angela, this time sober, she found the sex once again most satisfying. Afterwards while lying in bed they talked about the day and had a good laugh over how Dave, who loved the sound of his own voice, couldn’t resist having another person to dazzle with his boring opinions.

   Cindy had laughingly admitted that she sometimes got so bored that she would deliberately say something outlandish just to provoke Dave.


   Angela was pleased to learn from Cindy after the great sex that Dave now considered her a possible friend. Maybe, if she played her cards right, Angela thought she could also bed Dave without upsetting the thing she now had with Cindy.


   Dave had always been able to attract girls of a particular kind like Cindy who funnily enough, although they served a purpose, wasn’t what he really wanted.  Angela represented the type he liked except they had to be straight.


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