You Say

No One Knows Me


1. You Say

You say to keep smiling.
Let the days bring me warmth,
Let not rain bring about tears,
Don't allow my fears...
To become my nightmares.
Let not the light dim,
From my eyes.
Let not darkness become my comfort,
Or my screams to become my cries.
You say to keep my heart a beat,
Strong and healthy,
Let it not turn to a path of bitterness and hate,
Let it not grow cold from lack of love,
To always believe angels are watching from far above.
No matter how bad it got.
And it got pretty bad.

You say,
Move past the hurt,
Past the pain and ache,
Lies and deception,
Hatred and contempt.
Let it go,
They just don't know,
Or don't understand.
Why I constantly hurt,
Instead they look down on me like dirt.
Like a bug crawling,
So fragile and weak,
So slow, so small.
As if a being like me,
Could rise to stand tall.

You say,
They are just words to be said,
From the hearts of those,
Who have never bled.
Who have never known such sorrow.
Never tried to contemplate,
The kind of hell I have lived through,
Never put in a position,
Given up, don't know what to do,
If only they knew.
They walk away without a glance,
Because they never tried to care,
Or saw the burdens I had to bare.
They could never tell,
How far I have already fell.

You say,
You see me like an angel,
Who's wings were forcibly clipped,
Way to early,
Until I hit the ground,
A soul life could break.
That through the years you never knew just how much I could take,
Until you saw as I kept getting up when I took a beating,  
Even though there were fresh tear stains rolling down my cheeks,
I showed no signs of defeat.
I stood back up wanting to show the world,
I was just as important as anyone else,
Just like everyone else.

You say,
I made a point.
Even though my voice was never heard,
No heads turned,
No eyes landed on me,
They left me be.
I was invisible to all who could see,
And tuned out to those who could hear.
Even when someone else was near.
When I reached out,
No one took my hand,
No one helped me up.
Then you saw,
I was ready to give up.
Close my eyes and fall asleep.
Hoping to never wake.

You say,
I lost a war,
A battle with my own demons,
A raging storm within myself.
I allowed the warmth to turn cold,
The rain to become my tears,
My nightmares to become real.
Light faded to black.
I was never coming back.
The pain was to much,
It was all I could feel.
And in the end it was the last thing I felt,
Until that final blow was dealt.
And I was thrown into an abyss.
Of darkness and silence,
A perfect ending, my own eternal bliss.

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