Nova Wars


1. Prologue


                 Sergeant Maria Arciero looked around the “office” warily, although to call it an office would be preposterous, as it looked more like a cozy library than what one would expect in an office. The walls were lined with more books than a human could possibly read in a life time; although this office didn’t belong to a human Maria had to remind herself. A roaring fire ate away at several logs in the fireplace which was nestled in between two windows looking out onto the Russian Tundra. She knew that there was nothing around for hundreds of miles in this part of Russia, and if anything were to go wrong, no one would be able to find her body.

                Positioned in front of the fireplace was a selection of chairs ranging in size, between the small semi circles was a coffee table leavened down with a try of refreshments. A winter storm was brewing outside, large puffs of snowflakes drifted by the window. She shivered even though she stood in a warm room with an open fire. Circling around the chairs, she picked the closest one to the fire before settling down. She might not have chosen the assignment or have a particular fondness for whom she was to meet but her mother always drilled into her that manners were important at all times.

                From the far side of the room a door slammed open, startling Maria. An elf just glided into the room was Maria’s first impression. The woman was tall, taller than Maria’s five foot five by a couple inches. Copper red hair lay in a braid down her back, accenting her fine bones and dark emerald green eyes. She had fair skin with a smattering of freckles, and although she lacked a womanly figure she moved with the grace of a dancer. Although Maria was taken aback by how young she looked, the women couldn’t have been any more than thirty at most. In the woman’s arms sat a small child, who couldn’t have been more than six years old. “Thank you for your hospitality,” Maria spoke up, standing slightly, “I’ve been sent to discuss some important matters with you-“

                With a wave of her hand the woman shushed her, “I know why the Vatican has sent the likes of you,” She didn’t quit sound disdainful, but her manner indicated she had no high regard for Maria or her kind, “Your Order, the Templar Knights has  no say into Witch affairs. I’d dearly suggest they keep their noses in their own business or might have to force them to mind their own business,” Pausing in her speech she reached the chairs and carefully sat down, “That being said, there is a formal reply in the envelope on the coffee table right in front of you.” The little child sat on a lower seat next to the copper haired woman, and turned her watchful eye onto Maria.

                She was beginning to regret accepting such a strange assignment; however at the age of twenty five and being the youngest member (and only woman) in her department she had felt that this would be her big break. If she had come back successful, her colleagues esteem of her would grow and they would see her as one of them. She wasn’t about to give up now, she would say her piece and convince her to help end the Nova wars, “I know you have no High regard for my Order, but We have the best interest of the world as a whole in our hearts. Your Nova wars have been escalating recently; eventually your sisters will damage the planet beyond repair or kill innocents. All we want is to prevent that from happening. As a Nova, Astra, your Sisters would listen to you. You could talk sense into them, make them understand. Their infighting has gone on long enough, how many centuries has it been? Don’t they deserve peace?”

                Sighing Astra leaned forward to pour herself a cup of hot coffee from the carafe, “You seem to misunderstand my position, Templar.  I might be a Nova class witch, and yes there are only four of us in existence, and I might clean up after my Sisters but I do not rule them. You do not rule a Nova class, that’s like thinking you can reason with a viper. However, let’s humor your request and say that I manage to talk sense as you so put it into them, that peace would not last. Unfortunately my Sisters have been fighting for the upper hand for so long, that they have forgotten what peace feels like. While a tenuous peace might exist for a short period, in the long run it wouldn’t last. They must come to it on their own.”

                Maria considered for a moment, Astra was right in a way. Maria had seen battle hardened Templar’s who had known nothing but violence and bloodlust for many years, neither had they been able to give that up unless they came to the decision on their own.  “I came here with a plan to make you see things our way, to comply with the Templar initiative. However I’m not sure I’ll be able to change a Witches mind, let alone the strongest Nova of them all the Dimensional Witch. But I suppose that’s to be expected of someone who sold her soul for power.”

                Astra narrowed her gaze, piercing Maria with her brilliant green eyes as if searching her soul, “You’ve clearly have a poor understanding of witches if you think we’ve sold our souls. And if you think for one moment that any of us wanted this curse upon us you are sadly mistaken and in desperate need of a re-education. It is true that we aren’t born initially with magic, but we can be considered “re-born”. That process is in means fun or enjoyable. In fact, the only way this process can happen is during a great trauma when we feel intense emotional distress,” she paused allowing this to sink in, “That means many of us are going through traumatic events, such as a rape, or murder or a violent act that irreparable harms one that scars our intellectual psyche,” Her eyes narrowed, “Now tell me that we sell our souls.”

                Maria palled, taken back by that information, “I’m sorry Astra, and I didn’t mean to insinuate anything. I’ve just been under pressure, being the only woman in my section. I felt that this assignment was my ticket to be accepted,” she sighed, “I’m just tired of fighting everyday for respect. I guess I’ll have to return to my superiors and inform them of failed mission.” Astra raised an eyebrow at her melodramatic statement, “Well, come back in five years. Things will have changed by then.” 

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